Amazon: The Sellers On The E-commerce Website Are Buying Fake Reviews

Amazon Sellers Buying Fake Reviews

In the recent past Amazon enforced stricter policies onto the sellers present on the Global E-Commerce company’s websites, however many sellers on its platform are still buying fake reviews for almost 15 Euros each (around Rs. 1,200), as per an investigation carried out by the Daily Mail.

According to the report the companies that sell these fake reviews to sellers depends highly on the high number of “testers” who buy the products and then post 4 and 5 star ratings for them. The report was published on Sunday.

These “testers” not only get the refund for the amount they spend for buying the product but also get a fee for their service of putting a review. The reason why these testers buy the products before writing a review is so that Amazon classifies the reviews as “Amazon Verified Purchases”.

One of the review firm, AMXTigers from Germany claims that they have 3,000 of such testers in UK (United Kingdom) alone.

According to the website of this company, AMXTigers claims “We help you get verified reviews from real people. Our more than 60,000 product testers throughout Europe specialise in writing reviews quickly and reliably”.

Amazon said it is committed on protecting the integrity and reliability of the reviews that are posted on its website and even spent GBP (British Pounds) 300 million in the past year itself, in order to safeguard its customers from any kind of fraud, abuse, and other misconducts.

An Amazon spokesperson said “Our objective is to catch and remove abusive reviews before a customer ever sees it and in the last month, over 99 per cent of the reviews read by the customers were authentic”.



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