All-In-One Application For MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel Launched By Microsoft

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Have you ever felt agitated for being asked to download different applications to format and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents? Not only it makes the work cumbersome but also the application eats a lot of space on the device. Well, Microsoft has brought a piece of good news.

Recently the US-based tech giant, Microsoft, rolled out an all-in-one application for Officer which can be used on Android smartphones that will help the users to store all the documents under one single roof irrespective of being in Word, PowerPoint, or Excel format.

Earlier Google, too, offer the same blend of these applications on its Google Drive app in which a user was allowed to access all the Sheets, Slides, and Documents which was identical to that of Microsoft’s Excel, Word, and PowerPoint apps, however, Google eventually split up the amalgam into separate application, giving users the power to download what he/ she requires.

Android Police, blogging website dedicated to Android, said that Microsoft is doing the exactly of what Google had done, that is, combining these different apps into one single Office app. Apart from Word, Excel, and PopwerPoint, the Microsoft Office app for Android also includes support for signing and scanning of PDF Files and connectivity with OneDrive.

However, the blogging website also points out certain limitations of the application. It says that as of now, the app is available only on the Android smartphone, which means that not only iPhone users cannot use the application but there is no support for Chromebooks and tablets as of now. Additionally, Android Police also highlighted that the application is “locked to portrait”.

This all-in-one application from Microsoft allows the user to perform a number of tasks, apart from the ones mentioned above, the application can be synchronised with the notes application present in Windows 10. The application also houses variation of the Office Lens scanner which can let you convert images to PDF, Word and PowerPoint files, and save to OneNote, OneDrive, or your local device.

You can download the new Officer app from Microsoft from the Google Play store. Simply write “Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint & More” on the search bar of the play store. Alternatively, you can also download the app by clicking on the link below:

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