9 year old genius prodigy to earn electrical engineering degree next month

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Laurent Simons, from Belgium who is just 9 years old will soon become the youngest person to earn a graduation degree. The genius of a child is all set to complete his degree from the Eindhoven University of Technology in Electrical Engineering (TU/e), Netherlands.

According to the reports, Simons is estimated to have an IQ of over 145, to give it some perspective, an average human has an IQ ranging between 85-115. The genius prodigy concluded his high school studies in just 18 months, more surprising is the fact that he was just 8 years old then.

Apart from being the youngest graduate, he is also the youngest university student in history to have joined a graduation course in early 2019.

According to Alexander Simons, Laurent’s father, the 9 year old wants to pursue PhD and study medicine. Laurent said that he wants to help the world in the field of medicine by making ‘artificial organs’.

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According to his father, many A listed universities from around the globe want Laurent to enrol in their courses. Even though there are quite a few options, his parents wants Laurent to not get burdened and find a balance. They said ‘We don’t want him to get too serious. He does whatever he likes. We need to find a balance between being a child and his talents’.

Sjoerd Hulshof, Educational Director of Electrical Engineering at TU/e said ‘Laurent is the fastest student we have ever had here. Not only is he hyper intelligent but also a very sympathetic boy’.

Lydia, Laurent’s mother said it was his grandparents who ‘noticed something very special about Laurent’, however, the parents thought that they took Laurent too seriously for his age.

As he graduates from TU/e next month, he’ll take the title of the youngest graduate in world from Michael Kearney who graduated from the University of South Alabama in 1994 at the mere age of 10.

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