6 year Old Girl Handcuffed And Put In The Back Seat Of Police Vehicle: See Video

6 Year Old Girl Arrested In US

A disturbing video made it to the internet recently where a 6 year old girl can be seen getting handcuffed by a police officer and then put in the back seat of the police vehicle in Orlando city in Florida, US.

The video shows the little child crying copiously and pleading the police officer to not arrest her. In the video, she can be heard begging for another chance, she can also be heard saying, “Help me,” “I don’t want to go in the police car”.

The girl was arrested in September last year in Orlando, Florida for “kicking and punching staff members at her Orlando Charter School,” according to a leading news agency in India, citing Associated Press.

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The advocate of the girl’s family obtained the footage last month and made it public after the family’s consent.

Watch the video here:

Please Note: the video can be disturbing for some.

When Turner decided to get the 6 year old arrested, the school said that she had been misbehaving in her class.

Not just this, the officer bragged about how the little girl helped him break his personal record of arresting the youngest person. He can be heard saying “She is 6? Now she has broken the record.”

The video has received over 4 million (40 lakh) views on Twitter and is being circulated throughout social media platforms. Netizens are furious over the incident.

American Footballer, Ty Isaac said, “I’m more disappointed in who thought it was cool to call the cops on a 6 year old”

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The officer who arrested the girl was then dismissed by the Orlando Police Department, according to reports. Officials said that the officer had violated policy as he did not take approval from his supervisor prior to the arrest.



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