25 Best Christmas Tree Decorations to Try This Year

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Geetika Khatri
Geetika Khatri
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Christmas is around the corner and the most wonderful time of the year isn’t complete without a Christmas tree and its decoration. There are many ways to make your Christmas tree come to life this holiday season and create a look that your whole family will love and enjoy. We’ve rounded up the best Christmas Tree decorations that are easy to pull off and they look absolutely terrific.

And while red and green hues can definitely help set the stage for a Merry Christmas celebration, without being completely color-coordinated, you can still have a gorgeous display.

But your tree could use a bit of refreshment this holiday season. Whether you want glam, understated, rustic, all natural, or totally over-the-top colorful, one of these tree decor styles is sure to talk to you. Let these insanely chic trees inspire you.

1. Ombre Christmas Tree:

The rainbow tree’s gradient is DOPE. Stay away from the classic accents of red and green and add the whole rainbow. Start on the bottom with pink and red and finish near the star with glowing gold ornaments on top.

2. Decorate with Candles:

Candles add an old-fashioned charm to the Christmas tree. Use candle lights instead of the real ones to prevent a significant fire hazard.

3. Decorate with Sweets:

Instead of embellishing your Christmas tree with traditional ornaments, decorate your tree with cookies, ribbon sweets, gumdrops, and other tasty candies that people will eat right off the tree.

4. Pom Pom It Up:

Looking to add colour and whimsy to your space? Pom poms are always the solution. These pom pom ornaments will make every tree look like it came from Whoville right away. Make it multi-color or stick with one color, it’s totally up to you.

5. White Christmas Tree:

White Christmas Tree is very refined and is getting popularity very fast. So, skip the tree full of ornaments and instead go for a plain white frosted tree with a garland. With this one, you’ll get your Christmas decorating done in seconds!

6. Go the Classic Way:

One can never go wrong the classic way of decorating Christmas Tree. It does not get more timeless than an angel topper, red ribbon, and classic ornaments trimmed fraser fir. And string lamps, of course!

7. Use Plum Hues:

Try plum if you want to stick to traditional holiday colors but are so over red. It’s a similar color which is identical, but slightly more jewel-toned. For whimsical, peacock or glamorous decor styles, it provides a great canvas. When painted with distinct shades of the color purple itself, however it also looks enchanting.

8. Monogram:

Tired, year after year with the same old ornaments? You could be housing a toddler these days and need an unbreakable, toddler-proof Christmas ornament idea desperately and instantly. Then monogram is the one for you. This year, mix in some names with your ornaments. For every family member, roommate, or pet, you can add one.

9. Scandinavian Style:

The Nordic way of decorating for Christmas is something that appeals to many people who admire minimalism. Go for this year’s Christmas Scandinavian-style. For the holidays, the minimalist aesthetic is totally beautiful, but also cozy which is perfect for holidays.

10. Mix in Metallics:

Wrap your gifts in silver and gold paper to match the tree decor with gold and silver accents. It will make it stand out even more with the sheen below the tree.

11. Go for the Gold:

With gold, you can never go wrong. It’s chic, bright, and appealing to your eyes. Surround it with gifts drenched in bright white wrapping paper, and you’re going to have a beautiful setup for yourself and will make one of the best Christmas tree decorationsever.

12. Focus on White:

Take a break from red and green. Using white faux berries as a garland on your tree when you’re sick of the purely red and green accents.

13. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas:

Hang a banner on your tree. It’s the ideal alternative to showing a compilation of words that would take up room on a mantle or elsewhere. Then you can use the free space for other decorations!

14. Grab Some Ivy:

If this year you don’t want to put angels and stars again, top your tree instead with ivy. It blends in with the tree simultaneously and stands out.

15. Go for Subtle but Stunning:

Use subtle colors to match your evergreen, for an understated tree that’s still insanely chic.

16. Show Off Your Family Photos:

To show off family pictures, use your tree as an excuse! You may make the snaps in the polaroid style or design them to look like tags with attached festive string.

17. Make It a Blue Christmas:

A white frosted tree has plenty of possibilities for variations. For an icy effect, try mixing in pops of blue. Put a sparkly star on top of it, and you’ll have a beautiful design.

18. Snowflake It Up:

By throwing big flakes all over your tree as ornaments, replicate a snow flurry. It will give an extraordinary look to your Christmas tree.

19. Wrap It Up:

Instead of wrapping your tree horizontally, for a new look, drape the ribbon vertically. It will give your tree a whole new look.

20. Go Bold:

For a seriously show-stopping tree, add bold hues like pink, lime, turquoise, and purple and create a holiday masterpiece at your home.

21. Make It Fun Size:

Put up a traditional style mini tree. Top each branch with a star and hang colorful ball ornaments. It would look basically like the whole tree is made of ornaments!

22. Drop That Beat:

Raise your hand when it comes to Christmas music if you don’t have a chill! From your favorite Christmas song, take your favorite lyrics and plaster it on your tree.

23. Grab Some Birdhouses:

How cool are these mini birdhouses ornaments? This is certainly the decor to go with if you’re more into a forest, nature style.

24. Go Regal:

Mix the royal purple with hints of gold and sapphire for a regal theme. Stick self-adhesive jewels onto colored balls for even more sparkle.

25. Use Navy, Copper, and Gold:

A frosted tree covered in ribbon, florals, and ornaments of navy, copper and gold will wow any guests who come during the holidays. Copper and gold contribute to the warmth of navy. And navy provides such a lovely contrast to it. Each time you walk by it you’ll even be pleased with yourself.

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