Work in other state? We have easy ways to get your DL made for you.

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The biggest problem faced by an individual working on other state is to take a holiday and get a DL made. However, people do not know that a DL can be made for the temporary residence too.

As the New Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Act, 2019 started getting implemented, a lot of chaos has been seen, people have been trying to amass all the documents, from Car’s paperwork to self’s drivers license. People without a DL living in different state for employment face this issue; you can now get a new DL made for the city you reside in for employment reasons.

As per the article published in NBT, if you are working in some other state and you have all the documents from your permanent residence’s state, you can get a DL made. For this, you will need attested rent agreement for the residence in this state from local ‘TAHASIL’.

Along with the above mentioned document, you’ll need a letter from the HR department of you company confirming that you work in that office, while submitting the documents you need to have your company ID card which must have your employee code on it.

Moreover, you need ID like, Aadhar Card, Pan card, Password or any other IDs that are government approved. Having said this, we have seen instances where RTOs of some states have denied producing a new DL under this circumstances too.

To bring it to your knowledge, as per the new MVA, the fines of driving a vehicle have been increased significantly. If you are caught driving without a DL, you will have to pay a fine of Rs. 5,000/- which was Rs. 500/- earlier.  It comes with no surprise that today we see a lot of crowd at RTO offices.

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