Why Should You Follow PM Modi’s Advisory For COVID-19 This Festive Season?

PM Modi’s COVID-19 Advisory Is Very Important


  • The festive season is here and COVID-19 is still at large with no vaccine out yet
  • PM Modi’s advisory is very important and should be followed
  • Total cases of COVID-19 in India have crossed 77 lakh mark

On Tuesday, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, urged the people of the country to ensure their guard is always up against the novel Coronavirus which has infected a total of 77,08,947 people in the country.

In his 12-minute televised address to the nation, PM Modi said that “lockdown may have gone but the virus has not gone away”. He also talked about the long journey that the people of the country have covered from the day when Janta Curfew in March this year was imposed to battle against COVID-19.

Let us see at some of the reasons why we need to follow PM Modi’s COVID-19 advisory is crucial this festive season:

  1. Learn from Kerala, a non-BJP ruling state, lessons during Onam

Kerala is the state which had initially done well to contain the spread of the deadly Coronavirus and then saw a spike in COVID-19 cases during Onam. On Sunday, citing an example of Kerala, the Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan had cautioned people to strictly follow coronavirus guidelines and avoid being negligent in this festive season.

Vardhan said, “Kerala paid the price of gross negligence during Onam festivities as the recent spike in COVID-19 cases were seen in the state. Noting that between January 30 and May 3, Kerala had reported just 499 cases and two deaths due to COVID-19. Epi curve of Kerala changed completely due to Onam festivities across the State, the daily new cases nearly doubled,”.

  • Probability of surge in COVID-19 cases in the festive season

The festive season has picked up its pace Indian and people have started going out in large numbers to do their shopping.

PM Modi said, “Most of us are committed to our responsibilities and moving out of our homes to do our duties. In the times of festivals, streets are seeing increased activity. But we have to remember that lockdown may have gone but the virus has not gone away. The situation that we have reached in seven-eight months should not be allowed to impacted adversely,”.

He cautioned that any carelessness could impact the country’s fight against the pandemic.

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  • No vaccines for COVID-19 in the world

Currently, there is no cure, medicine and vaccine for the novel Coronavirus and the scientists from all around the globe are in a race against time for the development of a viable vaccine. Right now, COVID-19 vaccines are in various stages of Trails in India including Phase 1, 2 and 3 in India and their results of which are awaited.

PM Modi urged the people of the nation to remain careful and not show negligence until a COVID-19 vaccine is found. “We all must remember, Jab tak dawai nahin, tab tak dhilai nahin (”, PM Said

  • Things can get worse faster

The COVID-19 cases in India have started to decline in its daily number of infections which reached a peak of almost 1,00,000 cases a day back in September. India is not only the second worst-hit country in the world by the pandemic after the United States but it is also the second most populated country in the world which makes it much more vulnerable.

  • Coronavirus transmission in winters is likely to rise

According to experts, there is the possibility that the novel Coronavirus transmission, during winters, can be increased as it is a respiratory virus and the transmission of respiratory viruses is known to increase during the cold weather.


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