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Vastu is a very old and important Indian science of architecture. It is said that it helps balance the positive and negative energy that can be found in a person’s place. It is said that a good Vastu can bring in prosperity in every sense, but if the vastu of the space is defected or have errors it can bring in poverty, violence, and even death. Below are some Vastu point and what error the can have and how those errors can affect you.

North Direction

Associated with the wealth, the north direction of your space cannot be ignored. According to the principles used in Vastu, the north direction of your space should be organized (without any clutter), and should not have washrooms either. If there are cracks on the walls of your space on the north direction, you need to get them fixed as well, as soon as possible. Additionally, it is advised that the kitchen should not be placed in the north direction.

If there are defects in the north direction Vastu you may experience money problems, an increase in expenditure, and decline in your financial condition.

East Direction

East direction is associated with career growth, health, and relationships. If there is an error in the East direction Vastu of your space you will experience difficulty in acquiring recognition, health issues, and relationships going sour.

According to Vastu principles, the East direction of your space should be clutter and cracks free, and have open areas through which natural light can come in. Along with this, it should not have restrooms, kitchen, stairs, and any high rise walls as they cause errors in Vastu.

South Direction

Errors in Vastu of South direction leads to loss of work, defame, eyesight problems, and even legal disputes. According to the principles of Vastu, the South direction should not have any septic tank, sewage plants, or even the dining hall.

West Direction

The west side of your space should not have any huge windows, pits, electric motors, wells, cuts and cracks, if your West direction has errors, the residents may face chest diseases, and money problems.

North-East Direction

According to Vastu principles, North-East direction is associated with luck and fortune. This side of your space should not have kitchen, over-head tanks, stairs, store-room, heavy items, or even bathrooms. Having an error in this direction may lead to disputes among family members, accidents, legal issues, and surgeries as well.

North-West Direction

According to the Vastu principles, the North-West direction of your space should not have the main entrance, along with that it should also be kept in mind to not place temple, underground water tank, and even the kitchen in this direction. If you find any of these placed in the North-West side of your house/office we recommend changing it as soon as possible.

If this side of your space have errors in Vastu, it may result in mental problems, legal issues, heart problems, and in some extreme cases, can cause untimely death.

South-East Direction

As per Vastu principles, it is prohibited to have the main entrance, septic tank or even a bore-well in the South-East direction of your space. This direction is associated with peacefulness, if there are errors in this direction’s Vastu, the residents will experience fear even without any reason, will remain negative about things and may even face issues in household.

South-West Direction

South-West direction of your space should not have underground water tank, kitchen, sewage disposal systems or even temple. South-West direction has the control of personal relationships and if your space have any of the above mentioned things in this direction then you should change their location.

If there is any error in this direction’s Vastu may lead in fights between partners, delay in marriage, hurdles in promotions, and even loss of wealth.

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