Uttar Pradesh See Liquor Sale Worth More Than Rs. 100 Crore In A Single Day

Liquor Sales Over The Roof In Uttar Pradesh On 1st Day


  • Liquor worth over Rs. 100 sold in 1st day
  • UP has over 25,000 liquor shops

On the very first day of the lockdown 3.0, 4th May 2020, the liquor stores in the state of Uttar Pradesh were opened and recorded a sales of more than Rs. 100 crore. That is an increase of over 20% minimum as on a normal day UP collects Rs. 70 to Rs. 80 crore.

At many places, the shop owners had to close the liquor stores early because their stock was emptied with the overwhelming demand. Long queues were seen even today at several places. As per the Excise Department officials, the sale of liquor in Lucknow alone was recorded Rs. 6.3 crore on Monday, which was the 1st day of the 3rd phase of lockdown in the country.

Sanjay Bhoosreddy, Principal Secretary, Excise, said, “I don’t think there would be any single industry with just less than one lakh work force that gives ₹100 crore revenue (to the state exchequer) in a day,”.

There are over 25,000 liquor stores in the state of Uttar Pradesh which remained closed for almost 40 days after the lockdown was imposed in the country starting 24th March which caused a huge loss of revenues for the state.

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The Liquor Seller’s Association is claiming figures at more than Rs. 200 crore as it adds that roughly 75% of the amount would have come from the sale of Indian-Made Foreign Liquor or beer.

Lucknow Liquor Sellers’ Association’s Secretary, Kanhaiya Lal Maurya said, “The sale of country liquor was minuscule in cities as the labour class, which usually purchases it, had either left for their villages or has no money. The sale would have been higher in villages, but there too, money may have been a constraint.”

Meanwhile, Bhoosreddy said that a cap on individual purchase on liquor had been imposed to prevent hoarding.

Any person, now, will not be allowed to buy more than 1 bottle (750 ml), or 2 halves (375 ml each) or 3 quarters (180 ml each) or 2 bottles/ 3 cans of beer. When asked how long this will be followed, he answered this will only remain implemented for the initial 2-3 days.


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