The Real Story Behind King Charles’s Signet Ring He Never Takes Off From His Pinky Finger

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  • The ring, which holds a special place in the King’s heart, is inscribed with the Prince of Wales’s emblem, a title Charles has held for 64 years.
  • The King has been pictured donning the ring since mid-70s.
  • Even at the time of his 2005 wedding to Camilla Parker Bowles, Charles wore the ring.

The British Royal Family is proud of their enormous collection of precious jewels, which includes exquisite jewellery and rare diamonds. King Charles III, the reigning king of Great Britain, rarely gives away one particular jewel, though. He has had a gold signet ring on his left little finger for many years.

The symbol of the Prince of Wales, a title held by Charles for 64 years and currently used by his son Prince William, is inscribed on the ring, which is particularly dear to the King. Since the mid-1970s, The King has been seen donning this ring.

It is said to be a Welsh gold signet ring, sometimes known as a “gentleman’s ring,” and to have been made in the same manner as the royal family’s wedding bands. It is estimated to be worth roughly £4,000 and dates back 175 years, according to Hello Magazine.

The ring was formerly worn by Prince Edward, the Duke of Windsor, who was the Prince of Wales before becoming King Charles III. The pinky finger of the non-dominant hand is where the signet ring is customarily worn, according to the site He Spoke Style. The wedding band, which is typically worn on the ring finger, is stacked with the signet ring worn by King Charles.

Famously, he wore this ring after Princess Diana and he made their engagement public in 1981, as well as when he married Camilla, the Queen Consort, in 2005.

According to Grazia, “Signet rings were traditionally worn to imprint the seal in hot wax on letters or documents, but more recently depict social status.” Even while signet rings have often been worn by men, the royal family’s female members are accustomed of wearing them. They have all frequently been photographed donning their own versions of this ring on their pinky fingers, including Kate Middleton and Princess Diana.

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