Tere Naam: Salman Khan Was Skeptical About The Script, Said Could “Wrongly” Influence Youth

Salman Khan Initital Thought For 'Tere Naam'


  • Salman Khan was sceptical about Tere Naam’s script
  • He thought it would be a bad example for the youth

Tere Naam, one of the most iconic movies of the 2000s which hit the cinema halls on the independence day (15th August) 2013 and became the biggest hit for its director Satish Kaushik. With Salman Khan’s long hair, middle partition and a jilted lover, Radhe (Salman Khan), was hailed as one of his best performances which marked his return in the Bollywood.

However, not many people know that Salman Khan was not in favour of filming this movie due to the message it gives. The Bhai of Bollywood even expressed his reservations about the script.

During an Instagram live, Satish Kaushik revealed that Salman explicitly told him that they, through the movie, are sending a “wrong” message to the youth as Salman did not agrees with the politics of the movie.

Last year, Tere Naam found itself back into the limelight when it was compared to the Superhit movie starring Shahid Kapoor, Kabir Singh which was directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga. In the movie, Shahid Kapoor was portrayed as a self-destructive lover.

Once the movie, Kabir Singh, was released, it did face backlash with many critics calling it “extremely misogynistic, problematic and sexist”. Many also argued that the movie could encourage misplaced sympathy at best and the violence at worst.

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Today, in the middle of a collective awakening of sorts – motivated by fierce criticism – would the movie Tere Naam have received different reviews?

Satish answered, “Yes, there are quite a few similarities between Tere Naam and Kabir Singh, especially the way, the hero pursues the girl and some other aspects,” and added, “In fact, you wouldn’t believe that while shooting the movie, Salman had told me that it would work with the audience, but we’re sending a wrong message to the youth”.

He also said, “This isn’t the kind of character we should show to the youth as they could get wrongly influenced by it. Salman has always been very conscious that way in what he shows to his fans on screen. As a viewer and filmmaker though, I believe that all kinds of characters, positive, negative and those with grey shades should be shows in cinema, but it’s necessary to not show negative or grey characters winning in the end, like in Tere Naam,”.


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