Techie In Bengaluru Kills Mother Then Goes On Vacation On Andaman With Friend

Bengaluru Techie Goes On Vacation In Andaman After Killing Own Mother

A techie in Bengaluru has, allegedly, stabber her own mother to death, and then left the younger brother bleeding in their home before flying to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands on a trip with a friend.

The 33 years old techie along with the friend has been arrested in Port Blair and will be brought back to Karnataka.

Amrutha Chandrashekar (33), the techie, stabber her own 52 year old mother with a knife on Monday. After this, she turned to Harish (30), her younger brother who is also a techie.

The police said that she had packed for a 5 days trip in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Police added that after Amrutha stabbed her brother and sister she left with her friend, Shridhar Rao, on a bike and went to the airport for their flight to the Andamans.

According to the police, the brother, who was injured, called his relatives for help.

Amrutha told her family that she will have to move to Hyderabad as she has been transferred.

At around 4 AM on Monday morning, Harsh told the police, her sister was taking out items from the closet like a mad person and when he offered to help, she declined. A few moments later, he was attacked by her own elder sister and when he screamed for help, their mother came in to see what was happening. According to the brother, Amrutha then turned to their mother and stabbed her.

Harish claims that his sister not only stabbed him but also attacked him with an iron rod before taking off with Rao.

A police officer said “We are still investigating the matter. We are not clear about the motive behind the murder”.

A team of police officers then took a flight to Port Blair and tracked down the couple alongside the local police.

According to reports, Amrutha was upset about the debts piled up, and according to Bangalore Mirror, Harish told the police that Amrutha killed their mother and tried to kill him because she did not want the people who loaned the money to grill them. It is said that Amrutha had planned the murder weeks ago.

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