Startup Backed By Ratan Tata On Track To Offer 3,000 Mobile Fuel Stations In 2020

Startup Set To Offer 3,000 Portable Petrol Pumps, Backed By Ratan Tata


  • Ratan Tata backed startup to manufacture over 3,000 portable fuel stations
  • Repos Energy already has over 300 fleets
  • Deliver fuel with a mobile app

Pune based energy distribution startup which is backed by Chairman Emeritus of Tata Group, Ratan Tata, himself, is en-route of manufacturing and selling around 3,200 mobile fuel stations in the ongoing financial year.

Repos Energy, the Pune based energy distribution firm, says it also plans to get on-board more than 1,200 operators from around the country during Financial Year 2020-21.

Co-Founder of Repos Energy, Chetan Walunj said, “At present India needs over a lakh of fuel stations across the country to meet the demand. However, this wouldn’t be feasible due to the availability of land and the huge costs involved. There are over 55,000 fuel stations which are not sufficient,”  in a statement.

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Led by IoT, any Repose Petrol Pump will be safely and conveniently able to deliver fuel to the customer via a handy mobile application, said the startup. It added that it has integrated it with cloud technology to get real-time updates.

The company says, “It has highly sensitive censors called ATG to get accurate quality and quantity of diesel. Enabled with GPS and Geo-fencing, this mobile petrol pump can be monitored in real-time, to ensure the utmost transparency,”.

Aditi Bhosale Walunj, Co-Founder of Repos Energy says, “We have a fleet of 320 vehicles out of which over 100 are fully operational and working to deliver fuel across India. But now, our target is to build and sell 3,200 RMPPs in one year.”

Repos Energy is backed by one of the most reputed businessmen not just in India but all around the globe who is none other than the Chairman Emeritus of Tata Group, Ratan Tata. Ratan Tata came on-board as a mentor along with Tata Motors Limited who is helping the startup in manufacturing of the Repos Mobile Petrol Pumps not just safe but highly efficient as well, said the statement.

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