Sajjan Jindal, Anand Mahindra Hail PM Modi After His Praise For Indian Entrepreneurs In Lok Sabha

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Shivani Singh
Shivani Singh
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  • PM Modi praised the Indian entrepreneurs in Lok Sabha on Wednesday
  • Indian businessmen like Anand Mahindra and Sajjan Jindal hailer PM Modi for his praise
  • PM Modi said, “If India is of any use to humanity today, our private sector has had a big role in it”

On Wednesday, Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, gave glowing tributes to the Indian Private Enterprise in the Parliament (Lok Sabha) which earned him both praises and gratitude from at least a section of the Indian entrepreneurs who welcomed Modi’s encouraging remarks.

One of the industrialists noted that his cheering views on the industry, expressed on the floor of the Lok Sabha yesterday, come at a “fragile time”.

Addressing the lower house of the Parliament, Prime Minister Modi, on Wednesday, delved into the important role played by the Indian Private Sector in improving the lives of people as well as serving humanity.

PM Modi said that the times have changed from when only the government could do things and entrepreneurs were looked at with suspicion.

PM Modi said, “If the country needs the public sector, the role of the private sector is also as important…If India is of any use to humanity today, our private sector has had a big role in it,” while addressing the Lok Sabha. 

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He also said, “We must have faith in our youth. If we keep berating them and running them down, and discourage any private activity, this culture won’t help anymore now,” and emphasised that the “wealth creators are also important for the nation”.

Prime Minister pointed out that how encouragement to the mobile phone manufacturing had resulted in smartphones making their way into the hands of the poor. He also brought it to notice that the competition in telecom had led to data charges falling to amongst the lowest rates in the world.

The same words, partly were later posted on Twitter, left a huge number of people heartened including some of the most prominent industrialists among them.

The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) tweeted, “The public sector is essential but at the same time the role of the private sector is also vital. Take any sector- telecom, pharma- we see the role of the private sector. If India is able to serve humanity, it is also due to the role of the private sector: PM Narendra Modi”.

Chairman of Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra said, “Welcome words of encouragement at a fragile time for private enterprise due to the pandemic. Now we have to live up to the expectations…both in performance & governance.”

Chairman and Managing Director (MD) of JSW Group of Companies, Sajjan Jindal, wrote, “For the first time ever, a Prime Minister of our country has publicly shared his respect for the Indian Entrepreneurs. This is great encouragement for the community that has been creating wealth and jobs in the country.”

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