Ranu Mandal sings Himesh’s popular song ‘Aashiqi me teri’ for the film, will be shocked to see the video

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Ranu Mandal, who became a social media star, is surprising everyone by singing new songs one after the other. Actually, Ranu has now sung the third song for Himesh Reshammiya’s film Happy Hardy and Heer. The interesting thing is that this song which Ranu is singing is a re-creation of Teri in Himesh’s popular song Aashiqui. Himesh himself has given this information on social media. Himesh shared the video while singing the song of Ranu and wrote, Production of new song is going on. This is just a glimpse. Many thanks to all of you, because of which this smile has come on Ranu’s face. Their confidence is increasing with every song. Recreation of ‘Aashiqi Main Teri’ for the film ‘Happy Hardy Aur Heer’.

Ranu Mandal said- A film can be made on my life….

After being popular, Ranu has told some things about himself. Ranu told that she was born into a good family some 60 years ago. She was separated from her parents due to her misfortune. He later married a cook, who used to work with the Bollywood star Feroz Khan. She moved with him from West Bengal to Mumbai. But after that ‘cracks’ started to emerge in his family and along with this his struggle for living also increased. 

Let me tell you that Ranu spoke to IANS from Mumbai, where he finished the Facebook Live session with his fast growing fan base. He said, ‘The story of my life is very long. A film can be made on the story of my life. It will be a special film.

It was only a few weeks later, when a video of her went viral online, in which she was singing Lata Mangeshkar’s evergreen song ‘Ek Pyar Ka Nagma Hai’ on the railway platform. 

The video received the attention of several channels and music composers, including Himesh Reshammiya, who offered to launch him in Bollywood as a playback singer. He also recorded an episode of the reality show ‘Superstar Singer’. He is getting a taste of success right now, but before the viral video, his life was something else. 

She recalls, ‘She was not born on the sidewalk. I was from a good family, but that was my destiny when I separated from my parents at just six months old. “

Although his grandmother gave him Palaposa, life was not easy for him. Ranu says, ‘We had a house. But you know that people are needed to run it. Many days were lonely. I struggled a lot, but I always believed in God. I used to sing according to the circumstances. It was not that I was given a chance to sing, but rather I loved singing, so I used to sing. ‘

Ranu further said, ‘We shifted from West Bengal to Mumbai after marriage. My husband was a cook in the house of filmstar Feroz Khan. At that time his son was in Fardeen College. They treated us very well, like their family members. ‘

On becoming a social media star, Ranu said, ‘I am very happy and feeling very good. The thing is that music facilities in Mumbai mean a lot to me. They are important. Coming from my house to Mumbai and then returning by plane is also difficult. Would have been nice if I had a house in Mumbai. But I don’t need to think about it. God.

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