Questions arise on Manisha Rani’s Personality: Is she ‘Fake’ as depicted or Genuine?

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Monika Ahuja
Monika Ahuja
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  • The intense drama unfolds in the Big Boss OTT2 house after superstar Salman Khan returns as the host. 
  • Manisha Rani’s emotional breakdown becomes a central focus, leaving viewers gripped with suspense and curiosity.

Upcoming Events on Big Boss OTT2: Salman’s Criticism Brings Manisha to Tears; Abhishek Reveals Jizya’s Dark Side

Following the recent Weekend Ka Vaar episode, the drama inside the Big Boss OTT2 house is sure to escalate. Superstar Salman Khan took the reins as the host once again after a short break and didn’t hesitate to address the contestants’ questionable behaviour.

During the episode, Jiya Shankar faced criticism for mixing handwash in Elvish Yadav’s water, while Manisha Rani was criticized for her alleged forced relationships and perceived ‘fake’ personality. Additionally, YouTuber Mahesh Keshwala, a friend of Abhishek Malhan, advised him to steer clear of getting too close to Jiya.

After Salman’s remarks, emotions ran high in the house. Manisha Rani, the social media influencer, was seen breaking down, unable to contain her tears as she opened up about feeling weak.

In a lighter yet amusing incident, Elvish Yadav was caught brushing his teeth with Jad Hadid’s toothbrush. Pooja Bhatt humorously commented on their newfound intimacy, prompting a witty reply from Elvish.

Bebika Dhurve and Jiya Shankar mocked Manisha’s emotional reaction to Falaq Naaz’s eviction, suggesting that she was faking her emotions during the farewell. Jiya laughed heartily as Bebika imitated Manisha.

Amidst all this, Abhishek Malhan shed light on Jiya’s alleged ‘evil’ side, adding more tension to the house dynamics.

On a more serious note, Jiya Shankar took the camera to sincerely apologize for her act of mixing handwash in Elvish’s water. She expressed regret to Elvish’s parents, fans, and loved ones, clarifying that her intention was not to harm him.

As the drama unfolds, viewers eagerly anticipate how the relationships and tensions inside the Big Boss OTT2 house will evolve in the coming days. Stay tuned for more updates!

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