Punjab On High Alert Following IB Intercepts Potential Terror Attack

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The Intelligence Bureau (IB) have said that Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) has sponsored an attack in the state of Punjab. ISI has planned to release the terrorists belonging to the Khalistan force to carry out attacks at various places in Punjab.

IN has intercepted the air waves which suggests that the ISI has given the mission to Babbar Khalsa to accomplish the attacks, also, there have been attempts to smuggle arms and ammunitions into Punjab.

Following this, security in the state of Punjab has been tightened, also High Alert have been issued in the places near the border.

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There has been an increase in the activities of the ISI backed Khalistani organisations over the past couple of years, a lot many leaders have even come out and openly said that Pakistan is trying to divide the Sikh community.

The officials from the IB said that apart from the rise of Khalistani terrorists, we should also worry about the separatism. Not so long ago, former top policemen from Punjab, Shashi Kant said that pro-Khalistan activists are now trying to set their base in the United kingdom, especially Birmingham city.

India has been actively raising its concerns regarding the pro-Khalistani elements in Pakistan that are misusing the Kartarpur Corridor. India even handed a report detailing as to how the Sikh pilgrims that visit the shrines in Pakistan were being exposed to the pro-Khalistan propaganda.

A detailed dossier was provided to Islamabad by India which contained the activites of pro-Khalistan organisations, it was handed over at the Wagah border when the two nations were in talks about the Kartarpur Corridor. The dossier talks about the activities of pro-Khalistan organisations, including Sikh for Justice (SFJ). SFJ was recently banned in India.

The group is known to operate freely in Pakistan according to the dossier, and had images of Gopal Singh Chawla, a pro-Khalistan leader, meeting the International terrorist and leader of Lashkar-e-Tayiba, Hafiz Saeed.

The ISI, for a long time now, has been helping these pro-Khalistan groups, aiding them with arms, funds, and even training. ISI wants to take the Kashmir route into Punjab, and with involving politics into it, they have made it clear.

The IB officer says, it is just the same as it was in Kashmir. On one hand, they are training the terrorists and help them undertake attacks in Punjab. In the recent times there has been a sudden increase in activities like terror attacks, setting up bases, and also spreading of propaganda in Punjab.

On the other hand, they want their political leaders to take a stand on this issue. Just like in Kashmir.

The SFJ has also been advised to take the political route so the movement receives political legitimacy, and once the official stamp is given, the goal is to get Pakistan government raise this issue in International forums like UN (United Nations), just how they do with Kashmir’s case.

The IB also have information as to how ISI will be trying to brainwash the Sikhs, doing this will give Khalistani organisations legitimacy. ISI will then ask the locals to speak for wanting a separate Sikh nation and once there will be local support for such a cause, triggering panic will become all the more easy.

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