Now Get Apple iPhone 13 Models At A Discount Of Up To ₹ 46,000, He Is What Apple Is Offering

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  • Apple iPhone 13 models to go on sale from 24th September in India
  • Apple is offering deals which will effectively cut prices of iPhone 13 models by up to ₹ 46,000
  • Here is what your old phone exchange value would be as per Apple

The much awaited phone of the year, iPhone 13 will go on sale in India from 24th September in India along with the iPhone 13 model and the buyers will have to part with a big chunk of money to book their iPhones.

Having said this, there is one option which will bring down the cost of your iPhone 13 considerably by opting for a trade-in with Apple.

The trade-in option from Apple can be taken up right after you choose the iPhone model you wish to buy. As you make the booking via Apple’s official website, you will have to answer a few questions about your current smartphone.

After providing the informattion, the US-based tech giant will provide you with an estimated trade-in value and apply it as instant credit towards the purchase. Once the order is placed, the courier will confirm the date and time of the doorstep delivery and trade-in exchange.

What follows next is for you to make sure your current smartphone is ready for exchange.

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Before your brand new iPhone 13 model arrives, you will have to ensure your current smartphone is ready to be exchanged. The delivery executive will run some diagnostic tests and subsequently verify that the smartphone works.

  • Users are advised to back up their data
  • Make sure their iPhone can access the internet from their location.
  • Have their Apple ID and Password ready so that the Find My iPhone can be turned off after the exchange gets a green signal.

On the day of delivery and the executive will inspect the device and run a quick diagnostic test while you wait.

Once the verification has been completed and the smartphone checks out, the trade-in will be completed and the buyer will get their new iPhone.

If verification shows that the condition of the “to be exchanged” smartphone is not as described or something does not work, the buyer can still get the new iPhone, however, they will have to pay the courier the difference between the trade-in credit they already received and the revised value of the device.

Here are the values being offered by Apple on different smartphones:

S. No.Smartphone Model Maximum Exchange Price
1Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus ₹                 13,085.00
2Samsung Galaxy S20 ₹                 12,015.00
3Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus ₹                 12,725.00
4Samsung Galaxy S10 ₹                 10,490.00
5Samsung Galaxy S10e ₹                   8,480.00
6Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus ₹                 13,900.00
7Samsung Galaxy Note 10 ₹                 10,585.00
8Samsung Galaxy Note 9 ₹                   8,215.00
9Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus ₹                   6,455.00
10Samsung Galaxy S9 ₹                   6,070.00
11Samsung Galaxy A51 ₹                   6,290.00
12Samsung Galaxy A50 ₹                   4,560.00
13OnePlus 8 Pro ₹                 19,295.00
14OnePlus 8 ₹                 15,950.00
15OnePlus 7 ₹                   9,955.00
16OnePlus 7T ₹                 12,285.00
17OnePlus 6 ₹                   7,255.00
18OnePlus 6T ₹                   9,315.00
19Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max ₹                 46,120.00
20Apple iPhone 12 Pro ₹                 43,255.00
21Apple iPhone 12 ₹                 31,120.00
22Apple iPhone 12 mini ₹                 25,565.00
23Apple iPhone SE (2nd Gen) ₹                 12,155.00
24Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max ₹                 36,485.00
25Apple iPhone 11 Pro ₹                 36,360.00
26Apple iPhone 11 ₹                 23,585.00
27Apple iPhone XS Max ₹                 22,020.00
28Apple iPhone XS ₹                 21,680.00
29Apple iPhone XR ₹                 15,685.00
30Apple iPhone X ₹                 16,810.00
31Apple iPhone 8 Plus ₹                 12,790.00
32Apple iPhone 8 ₹                 10,245.00
33Apple iPhone 7 Plus ₹                 10,550.00
34Apple iPhone 7 ₹                   7,865.00
35Apple iPhone 6s Plus ₹                   5,390.00
36Apple iPhone 6s ₹                   4,920.00
37Apple iPhone 6 Plus ₹                   4,805.00
38Apple iPhone 6 ₹                   3,805.00
39Apple iPhone SE (1st Gen) ₹                   2,810.00
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