Drivers In Delhi To Face Fines, DL Suspension, Or Even Imprisonment If They Do Not Have PUC Certificate

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  • Drivers in Delhi to be fined or even imprisoned if they fail to produce a valid Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate
  • Even their Driver’s License could be suspended
  • On not having a PUC certificate, one could be fined as much as ₹ 10,000

In order to keep the pollution levels in the winter seasons under check in the National Capital, the Delhi transport department has asked vehicle owners to carry their valid Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificates.

Drivers in Delhi will have to carry the PUC certificates to avoid facing penal actions which include suspension of driving licence for three months.

If a driver fails to produce a valid PUC certificate, the vehicle owners can face imprisonment of up to six months or a fine of up to ₹ 10,000 or both, as per the state transport department.

The notice from the transport department read, “The Transport Department, Government of NCT of Delhi, in its ongoing efforts to control pollution and improve air quality in Delhi, requests all motor vehicle owners in Delhi to ply their vehicles only with valid pollution under control certificate”.

It also stated that “All registered vehicle owners are requested to get their vehicles checked from the pollution checking centres authorised by Transport department to avoid any penalty/ imprisonment/ suspension of driving licence”.

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Getting a PUC Certificate is not only easy but also economical, especially if you take into consideration the penalties of not having one. In order to get one’s vehicle tested, the owner/ driver can visit any of the 900+ pollution checking centres authorised by the transport department in Delhi.

These are set up at petrol pumps and workshops.

As of now, the PUC certification has been made real-time and has also been integrated with the vehicle registration database. The instant updation has improved the credibility of PUC certification by reducing human intervention. One gets an OTP on the mobile number at the time of getting the PUC certificate made for enhanced security.

The fee for pollution checking in case of petrol and CNG driven, two and three wheelers is ₹ 60. The centre will charge ₹ 80 for four-wheeled vehicles running on Petrol and CNG.

The fee for the pollution checking certificate of diesel vehicles is ₹ 100.

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