Neighbours Allegedly Set Lady Ablaze For Naming Dog “Sonu” in Bhavnagar Gujarat



  • 35-year-old Neetaben Sarvaiya was set ablaze by angry neighbours avenging naming her puppy “Sonu” which accidentally was the nickname of one of the attacker’s wives.
  • Surabhai, one of the accused along with five others barged into Neetaben’s house and set her aflame after a series of arguments wherein Surabhai reportedly abused her.
  • None of the accused has been arrested so far, however, FIRs have been filed against the culprits under different sections of the Indian Penal Code.

The extent to which someone can go to seek revenge while setting aside law and order over trivial matters can be shocking. The answers might not always come in handy, but some incidents get us thinking. A woman in Gujarat was allegedly set on fire and sustained grave burn injuries ahead of being set on fire by one of her neighbours. The woman had named her dog “Sonu” which coincidentally happens to be the name of one of the attacker’s wives, as conveyed by the Police on Tuesday.

 The 35-year-old victim’s treatment is underway at a local government hospital in Bhavnagar Gujarat. Neetaben’s husband and two children had ventured out and she was alone at home with her youngest son on the day of the unfortunate incident. According to police reports, her neighbour, Surabhai Bharwad along with five others forcefully entered the house and strongly opposed her naming the puppy “Sonu” which was accidentally the name of Bharwad’s wife.

The police communicated that the accused, Surabhai Bharwad indicted Neetaben of intentionally naming the puppy after his wife. Neetaben, in her police statement, mentioned that during the confrontation, Bharwad had abused her and that she attempted to steer clear of him and the others.

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Three others followed her to the kitchen and one of the accused poured kerosene over her from a container and set her ablaze with a matchstick. Neetaben’s husband returned in the meantime along with some other neighbours who rushed to her house after hearing the victim’s alarming call.

Luckily, the fire was doused by the husband’s coat before it could burn the victim to death. According to police reports, the families of Sarvaiya and that of the accused had a history of arguments over water supply issues, before this incident. That matter however was resolved amicably and put to rest.

No arrests have been made so far in the case, however, FIR has been registered against six people under several sections of the IPC (Indian Penal Code) viz. section 441 for “trespassing”, section 504 for “insult” and section 307 for “attempt to murder”.

 A similar act of revenge had was reported from Bhopal last week. A bother-sister duo kidnapped a six-year-old boy, stuffed his body in a bag and would have probably escaped with it if the police hadn’t taken swift action. The culprits were relatives of the 6-year-old victim and had killed him over property disputes as well as a history of family rivalry.

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