Mukesh Ambani Led Reliance Jio To Launch Its Very Own Video Conferencing Application

Mukesh Ambani Led Reliance Jio To Launch Its Very Own Video Conferencing Application


  • Reliance Jio all set to compete in the video conferencing application domain as it will launch an app soon
  • It will give competition to applications like Google Meet, Zoom and Microsoft Team.

Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Jio is all set to enter in a completely new domain as it will be launch a video conferencing app soon. The telecom giant which disrupted the India Telecommunications sector is planning to launch the app called Jio Meet very soon.

Jio Meet will compete with the likes of Google Meet, Zoom and Microsoft Teams just to name a few in the vide-conferencing platform.

The announcement of Jio Meet came at a time when the government and authorities asked people to develop an application similar to Zoom which will be safe for people working from home at the time of the lockdown in India.

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Senior Vice President (VP) of Reliance Jio Infocomm said, “Jio Meet is a platform which has many uniqueness- it actually has an ability to work on any device, any operating system, and it has an ability to do a complete collaboration,”. He added, “And effectively, this collaboration does not limit to a typical video conferencing app.”

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The report states that the application JioHealth will all be integrated with the upcoming application where any user will be able to get in touch with a doctor virtually, get prescription and also get online tests along with the ability to order medicines.

Apart from this, it is also expected that Reliance Jio will connect its education platform with this Jio Meet which will then give schools and colleges and other educational institution the option to hold virtual classes.

Pawar said, “We are just a few days away from offering this to all the Indians so that they will be able to leverage this in the most secure environment and at the same time in a ‘grandma easy’ kind of platform so that anybody and everybody is able to use this,”

As people started working from home, the demand for these applications surged many folds, as a matter of fact, Satya Nadela, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Microsoft sais that there are as many as 200 million (20 crore) on it meeting application, while Zoom claims they have 300 million (30 crore) people using their platform.

Even Facebook is claiming that 700 million (70 crore) people are participating in calls via its Messenger Rooms.


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