Is FD the best investment option for today’s market?

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Fixed Deposits (FDs) are considered to be the safest option when it comes to investing your savings. NBFC FD is the risk free option as they aren’t linked to the market, thus, allowing your investment to multiply quickly.

Higher returns and superior flexibility than Recurring Deposits (RDs)

When investing in RDs, you have to commit for a minimum for 6 months to 1 year depending upon the institution, whereas in FD you can invest your money for as little as 1 week to as long as couple of decades.

Greater Returns compared to Senior Citizens Savings Schemes (SCSSs)

SCSS may sound like a sweet scheme for senior citizens to invest in, however taking a closer look, this scheme gives a regular income with the interest rate of 8.60%. Comparing to FD rates provided by Bajaj Finance, a senior citizen can get an interest rate of 8.70& and a normal citizen of 8.35%.

FD provides better liquidity options than Public Provident Funds (PPFs)

The key advantage you get in choosing FDs over PPFs is that FDs offers monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and even yearly interest payouts, however if you invest in PPFs you cannot make a withdrawal before 5 years, that too are subject to T&Cs. In layman terms, if you have an unplanned expense that you need to meet, with PPF inventment you will hit a deadlock with no money in your hand.

Amplified investment security than Mutual Funds (MFs)

MFs are subject to market risks, it is clearly stated and said on all of its advertisements as your money is directly invested into the market, so if the market is plunging so will your investment, however with FDs you are immune to such volatility of the market. 

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