Iran Calls Allegation “Unsubstantiated” Against Its Involvement In A Blast Near Israel Embassy

Iran Calls Allegation “Unsubstantiated” Against It’s Involvement In A Blast Near Israel Embassy


  • The Iranian embassy in Delhi denied any involvement in the January blast outside the Israeli embassy
  • The Iranian embassy, in a statement said it, “deliberately led to an unfair onslaught and unsubstantiated defamatory accusations against Iran”
  • The blast near the Israeli embassy in Delhi is being investigated by the National Investigation Agency (NIA)

Weeks after a blast near the Israeli embassy in New Delhi, Iran called the claims of its involvement in the terror attack “unsubstantiated” and said such accusations were steps toward realising the “sinister intentions” of those who oppose Iran-India relations.

The Iranian embassy in New Delhi made the statement after a media report alleged that an Iranian was involved in the terror attack, but that the bomb was planted by a local Indian Shia module.

In a statement, the Iranian embassy said the “suspicious explosion” in New Delhi on January 29 “deliberately led to an unjust onslaught and unsubstantiated defamatory allegations against Iran.”

The embassy strongly condemned any act that causes fear and intimidation, disrupts order and security, or puts the lives and property of innocent people in danger.

The statement issued by Iran Embassy in India, it said, “While respecting India’s government and authorities in their efforts to thoroughly investigate and probe the above-mentioned incident in order to identify the perpetrators and bring them to justice; and any unsubstantiated accusations or irresponsible statements in this regard are firmly rejected by this embassy, which views them as steps toward realising the sinister aims of the enemies of Iran-India relations.”

According to the embassy, Iranian officials have always expressed their willingness to work with their Indian counterparts to uncover “the wicked motives of the spoilers of bilateral relations.”

The statement issued by the Iran Embassy in India said, “At a time when the long-standing and cordial relations between Iran and India are being boosted and developed in all domains, through the exchange of high-ranking political, security, defence, and economic, delegations between the two countries, this question deems serious attention whether the said suspicious blast has any benefit for bilateral relations or who will benefit from it.”

Is there a presumption that this act was carried out by third parties who were angry and unhappy with the development of relations between Iran and India, the Iranian embassy asked?

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“The government and people of Iran’s culture, tradition, and civilization, as well as their national and religious values, would never permit inhumane, terrorist, or barbaric actions to be carried out and in violation of human and divine values, and which are done in order to cause fear and damage to the lives of innocent people, including animals and plants,” according to the declaration.

The embassy of Iran at New Delhi also said, “As flag bearers of harmony and security in the world, the government as well as the people of Iran have been at the front of the global battle against extremism, war-mongering, and violence, and have been victims of terrorism waged by some “terrorist governments and their agents.”

The Iranian government and people have never started a war, but they are brave defenders who have always made aggressors, warmongers, terrorists, and their backers regretful by adhering to the concept of legitimate defence, according to the statement.

The statement from Iranian embassy in New Delhi also said, “We expect all media and commentators to avoid falling into the traps set by third parties whose goals and interest is to sabotage the growing Iran-India relations.”

Last month, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) launched an investigation into a blast near the Israeli embassy.

The explosion occurred about 150 metres from the embassy on the Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Road in the very high-security bungalow area, causing some cars to be damaged.

The Improvised Explosive Device (IED) was made from a mixture of ammonium nitrate and fuel oil, with cycle ball bearings used as shrapnel. The embassy also received a note, which was shared with the police and is now being investigated by the NIA.

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