India Witness Highest Surge In COVID-19 Patients For A Single Day

With More Than 9,000 Cases In A Single Day India Witnesses COVID-19 Fear


  • India witnesses the highest rise in cases of COVID-19 in a single day
  • More than 9,000 cases reported in 24 hours
  • Recovery rate stand at a healthy 47.99%

India saw the highest rise in the cases of Coronavirus when a record number of 9,304 people were tested positive with the deadly virus in last 24 hours. India now has crossed 2.16 lakh total cases.

As per the data shared by the Union Health Ministry, India has 2,16,919 total cases, out of which 6,075 lost their lives. As India and other nations around the globe are fighting the novel Coronavirus, the World Health Organisation (WHO), on Wednesday, announced that the clinical trials of Hydroxychloroquine will resume as it is searching for the potential cure of COVID-19.

Reports says, “The WHO had said last month that it had temporarily suspended the trials to conduct a safety review, which has now concluded there is “no reason” to change the way the trials are conducted.”

As per the data shared by the Union Health Ministry, India does have a silver lining, as the country’s recovery rate – patients who have successfully warded off the virus – stands at 47.99% saying 1,04,107 people have recovered from the virus.

Maharashtra remains the epicentre of COVID-19 in the country which yet again reported highest single day spike in COVID-19 related deaths on Wednesday which stood at 122. This took the total death toll caused by Coronavirus to 2,587 in the state.

The total number of positive patients reported in Maharashtra on Wednesday was 2,560 which took the total tally of the state to 74,860.

Tamil Nadu, which has more than 25,000 cases of COVID-19 remained at 2nd place in India with most number of cases. For the 4th consecutive day, the state reported over 1,000 cases.

Delhi, which has 23,645 cases of COVID-19, remained on the 3rd spot in India with highest Coronavirus cases. The national capital’s government, on Wednesday, made it mandatory for any and every person arriving in the city either by bus, train, flight, or car to undergo a home quarantine for 1 week. The government changed its no quarantine required rule.

Assam, too, reported 269 cases on Wednesday, taking the tally to 1,830. The reports claim that more than 90% of the patients in Assam were asymptomatic.

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Telangana is also becoming a state of worry as it crossed 3,000 mark on Wednesday when the state reported 129 fresh cases and 7 deaths. Additionally, 31 doctors and 3 lab technicians have been tested positive for the deadly virus in state-run hospitals in Telangana.

At of today, India is 7th on the list of most cases of COVID-19 cases in the world, with the United States of America – which is the worst hit country by the pandemic – recorded 919 deaths in the past 24 hours which has brought the total death toll to 1,09,142.

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