“I Don’t Approve of Conversion for Marriage”: Rajnath Singh

“I Don’t Approve of Conversion for Marriage”: Rajnath Singh


  • Rajnath Singh backs UP “Anti Conversion Law” bill to stop forcible religious conversions in marriage
  • Defence Minister also talked about Indo-China LAC standoff and said that no “meaningful solution” has emerged from diplomatic and military-level talks with China
  • Singh cleared govt. stand on farmers bill & said that the protesting farmers should see their enforcement for two years

A day after an order against forced religious conversions was approved by the Madhya Pradesh government, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said Wednesday that the practice of mass conversions should end and that he does not approve of marriage conversion.

Singh said, “Want to ask why there should be conversion,” in an interview with ANI news agency. It should avoid the practice of mass conversions. As far as I know, one can’t marry someone from another faith in the Muslim religion. I, personally, do not approve of marriage conversion.

Many instances show that religious conversion is being performed forcefully. There is a significant difference between natural marriage and forceful conversion, especially for marriage. I think governments who made these rules, have considered all these things,” he added.

The Minister of Defence also discussed other concerns during the interview, including the LAC situation, the latest farm law and the protests against it.

Singh strongly disapproved of remarks such as “Naxals” or “Khalistanis,” calling farmers “annadatas” and “backbone of the economy,” and said “no one should make allegations” against them. After condemning the remarks, he also added, “These allegations should not be made against farmers by anyone.”

The Defence Minister Rajnath Singh while talking to ANI said, “We express our deepest respect towards our farmers. Our heads bow in veneration and respect towards our farmers. They are our ‘annadatas’. Singh showed his gratitude towards farmer by adding, “In the time of economic recession, the farmers have borne the responsibility of taking the economy out of trouble and are the economy’s backbone. They have taken the country out of trouble on several occasions.”

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ANI quoted Rajnath Singh and said, “In the interest of farmers, the farm laws were made and the protesting farmers should see their implementation for two years and engage with the government in a “logical debate”. Singh said, “Some forces have tried to create some misperceptions among farmers”, asserting that the government will find a solution to the issues. We have spoken to many farmers as well. My only request to farmers is that logic-based clause-wise discussion should be conducted and not pursue a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. We’re going to find a solution to the problem. I have seen the regulations myself, and I am mindful of the farmers’ problems. Farmers could at least see the adoption of these laws as an experiment for two years. We will be prepared if there is a need to make the requisite amendments. If farmers want experts to negotiate those clauses with the government for amendment, we are absolutely flexible.”

There is no question of being insensitive with respect to the subject of farmers. Our farmers organize protests, and I’m not the only one who’s pained. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also in pain,” he added.

The Defence Minister also mentioned that during the farmers’ protest, he was hurt by derogatory remarks against PM Modi and said that the Prime Minister is not just an individual, but an institution. “There are false accusations made. Will this be finished? It is not acceptable to make offensive remarks about a prime minister. Not only is the Prime Minister a person, but an organization. I have never used derogatory language against any former prime minister in my political life. The kind of sloganeering against the Prime Minister, ‘mar ja, mar ja’, I felt hurt,’ he said to ANI.

Speaking of the India-China border standoff along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh, the Defense Minister said there was no “meaningful solution” from diplomatic and military-level talks with China to resolve the standoff and there is a “status quo.” It is true that negotiations have taken place at the military and diplomatic levels to reduce the standoff between India and China. But so far, no success has been made. The next round of talks at the military level will take place, which can take place at any time. But there has been no positive outcome and there is a status quo,” Singh told while talking to ANI.

Moreover, Singh added, “If the status quo is there, it is clear how deployment can be decreased. There will be no reduction in our deployment and I feel deployment shouldn’t come down. I don’t think the status quo is at all a good development. There are talks and they lead to a good result, which is our hope.”

When asked about China’s expansionist goals, Singh told ANI, “If a country is expansionist and tries to occupy our land, then India has the strength, capacity and power not to let its land go into the hands of anyone, be it any country in the world.”

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