Harry Potter: Are Daniel Radcliffe And Emma Watson Still Friends?

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The bond between Harry and Hermione was cherished by all Potterheads during the Harry Potter movies and their special friendship became the mainstay of the series’ success. Thus, it is only befitting that the two awe-inspiring characters would be good friends in real life and, thankfully, they are.

In Return To Hogwarts, which celebrated Harry Potter’s 20th Anniversary, Daniel Radcliffe mentioned that Harry Potter helped him bond with his castmates. He and Hermione had a memorable friendship during the filming of the series, which continued later as well. As both the icons have grown and chartered their career paths they never ceased to have each other’s backs.

Emma Loved How Dan Acknowledged That The Potter experience Was Different For Emma Being A Girl.

Dan saw the Potter phenomenon from the perspective of Emma and this is what touched her the most. In conversation with Vogue, Emma shared her experience of being reunited with the cast after 20 years. Watson was glad to see how her co-stars had grown, particularly Daniel who displayed a very mature outlook in acknowledging the fact that Emma, being a girl had a different Potter experience and had nobody to share with. There were numerous great quotes in Return To Hogwarts, and Daniel’s sharp observation about his friend was an underrated one.

The Duo Doesn’t Whatsapp Each Other Often

In the same interview with Vogue, Emma also revealed that the trio (Harry, Weasely, and Hermione) are not fond of cell phones and electronic devices and try to meet in person, whenever they can. They aren’t on a group chat but speak individually, she added. The release of the reunion ensured that she stayed in touch with Daniel throughout. Despite countless heart-wrenching separations in Harry Potter, fortunately, there were none in real life.

Dan and Emma Calm Each Other

Throwing light on the degree of her connection with Radcliffe, Watson revealed the nature of their friendship in the past and present. Both try to keep the limelight at bay and generally try and calm each other’s nerves. Radcliffe and Watson have supported each other through thick and thin and continue to do so to this day. She holds immense gratitude for her co-star’s support, given the upcoming waves of attention.

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Radcliffe and Watson Never Dated Despite The Rumours

At the height of potter mania, countless rumors swirled about Emma and Dan dating each other but the duo dismissed all of them. Watson mentioned that the bond she shared with Radcliffe was more of a sibling bond where she looked up to him like an elder brother. During an interview with Esquire, via The Independent, Daniel said that he and Emma dating would be everything the fans ever wanted. However, he said that it is something that would never happen and that something about the whole idea was incestuous. This clearly highlighted the sibling bond between the two.

The Duo Engaged In Height And Racing Competitions While Filming

Return To Hogwarts treated fans with the most pleasant surprises, including the arch rivalry of the actors since they were little kids in the first few instalments. In one specifically adorable instance, Emma can be seen comparing her height with Daniel claiming to be taller than him. The two were also seen racing towards Professor McGonagall along with their co-star Rupert Grint. The trio evidently made many memories growing up on the sets of Harry Potter.

Emma And Daniel Gave Dating Tips To Each Other

Just like a good sibling would do, Emma and Daniel helped each other with dating tips to navigate through the baffling world of coming-of-age and teenage dating. In Return To Hogwarts, Harry said that Emma gave him dating tips during the shoot of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. They gave each other coaching on texting the opposite sex. Citing examples, he said if Emma was texting a guy or he was texting a girl, he’d be like “She sent me so many kisses back, what do I do? This is a nightmare”.

They Had Debates Over Politics And Religion

The two engaged in endless bickering while on the sets, but their fights didn’t involve petty misdemeanors. Rather, they argued on intellectual topics and whenever they reached an impasse, it led to a clash between the two.

Radcliffe, during an interview with Radio Times, mentioned that they argued about religion, politics, and many more similar topics. The two held opposing grounds in a debate which resulted in disagreements between them.

Watson Chose Daniel Over Robert Pattinson In An Interview Question

Emma strongly believes in staying loyal to her people and “keeping it in the family”, as reported by an old MTV interview available on YouTube. With Robert Pattinson garnering immeasurable recognition and fame ahead of Twilight, a question related to him inevitably made its way to Emma, considering that the two had starred together in the fourth movie.

She appreciated Pattinson, but when posed with a question of who was “dreamier” between Daniel and Robert, she promptly took Daniel’s name and said that he is just gorgeous. We hope and wish that their bond turns out to be an unbreakable one and stays intact in the times to come.

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