Hard Water is a Leading Cause of Hair fall & Dry Skin

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How Hard Water Affects Your Hair and Skin

Though hard water doesn’t affect your health, it has a negative impact on your hair. The excessive minerals strip hair of the natural lubricating oils and withers the hair cuticle. This makes hair tangled, dry and lifeless.

Hair Fall

Excess minerals in hard water affect your hair health. This is the reason why hard water weakens the hair follicles and causes irreparable damage leading to hair fall and breakage.

Dry Hair

Washing hair with hard water leaves a thin film on it. This thin film doesn’t allow hair to absorb moisture and makes your hair dry, dull and frizzy.


Repeated use of hard water for washing hair, causes calcium salt deposits on your scalp which causes flaking.

Dry Skin

Hard water minerals can dry your skin and cause redness by clogging pores.

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