Fake Incident Circulated In Chitkara University and Reported To Police

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Chitkara University Case News: On Tuesday night Police received a rather anxious call reporting a girl have committed suicide in her hostel room at the Chitkara University after being gang-raped. This news triggered a protest in the University Campus on Wednesday. Chitkara University is situated on the Chandigarh Patiala road, near Banur.

As it turns out, the complaint was nothing more than a rumour. The girl turned up and on Wednesday evening she clarified that nothing has happened. However, the students had already held protests in the campus by then, the students accused the management that they were covering up the whole incident.

At around 9:30 pm on Tuesday night, some students informed cops that they have found blood stained cloth in room number 120 of the hostel, they feared that the girl had killed herself after being gang raped outside the university campus.

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The students and the girl did not know each other, but the students started demanding that the girl should be brought in front of them. The police arrived at the university along with an ambulance and after conducting investigation they found that it was just a misunderstanding and no such incident has taken place. According to sources, the cops left the campus at around 11:30 pm.

However, on Wednesday as the rumour reached more ears with addition to the alleged point that the administration is trying to cover up the incident by bribing the cops, students in large numbers came together and protested, demanding explanations from the management and concerned authorities.

Even when announcements were made repeatedly via public address system of the university, the students denied their claims. Since majority of the students did not know the girl, they constantly demanded that the girl should come forward prove management’s claims.

The girl, who was away from the campus as she gave her quarterly exam, came back to the campus and addressed the students in protest only after which the protest was called off.

Deputy Dean, Student Affairs, Dr. Neelam Verma said that the girl had recently gotten married. She added that the blood stains on the cloth was nothing but the blood she wiped off of her faces after plucking out pimples from her face. She said “The fact that she had gone to take her exam and left her phone and books in the room fuelled the rumours as she could not be found by others”.

University claimed that the incident was a “prank” in a statement, “some students made a prank call to the police, which was investigated and found incorrect. Cops have recorded statements of two students who admitted they called the police”.

Parents of the students who were part of the protest were called to the campus. The parents said they regretted how the incident was handles by their children, said Verma.No actions were taken against anyone.

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