Facebook’s Clarifications After It Took Down “Kisan Ekta Morcha” Page

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Aishwarya Chopra
Aishwarya Chopra
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  • Facebook takes down Kisan Ekta Morcha page from its website
  • Facebook issues explanation as to why the Facebook page was taken down
  • Facebook’s spokesperson said the page was restored in under 3 hours

In the middle of the criticism of taking down the page of “Kisan Ekta Morcha”, Facebook, on Monday, issued a clarification as to why the page was taken down and informed that the page was restored in under 3 hours from the time the tech giant became aware of the case.

Facebook’s spokesperson said, “As per our review, our automated systems found an increased activity on Facebook page ‘Kisan Ekta Morcha’ and flagged it as spam, which violates our Community Standards.”

The spokesperson added, “We restored the page in less than 3 hours when we became aware of the context”.

The short-lived suspension of the official page of Kisan Ekta Morcha which was providing the updates on the ongoing protests from the farmers against the 3 Farmers Bills from the Central Government led to a huge outrage.

The Spokesperson from Facebook added, “The vast majority of our work fighting spam is done automatically using recognizable patterns of problematic behaviour.”

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The spokesperson explained, “For example, if an account is posting over and over in quick succession that’s a strong sign something is wrong”.

The spokesperson from US Based social media giant Facebook, also said, “In Q3, 2020 out of the 1.9 billion pieces of content removed globally for violating our policies on spam, we restored 74.9 mn pieces of content globally when we identified issues ourselves.”

Facebook’s spokesperson added, “We also rely on our human review team to work on cases where human expertise is needed to understand the context of a particular situation”.

The latest controversy came in when Facebook is already facing scrutiny from a Parliamentary panel on Information Technology (IT) over the allegations that Facebook is political bias after a report on the 13th of September in The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) claiming that the Social Media giant is reluctatnt to act against the Bajrang Dal because of concerns over the security of its staff.

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