Environment Secretary called a ‘High Level’ meeting today

CK Mishra

C. K. Mishra, Environment Secretary has called for a ‘high level’ meeting later today owing to the air pollution in Delhi NCR.

The meeting has been called due to the constant deterioration of the air conditions in Delhi NCR as farmers from Punjab and Haryana are burning Stubble. It is said that Chief Secretaries of Haryana, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Punjab will be attending this meeting.

Senior officials of the Ministry of Power, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, and Ministry of Agriculture have been asked to attend the meeting. The high level has been called after the bureaucrats and the politicians missed the meeting of the Parliamentary Standing Committee of Urban Development over the issue of ongoing air pollution in Delhi NCR on the 15th of November.

According to sources, noticeable people who skipped the meeting were the Commissioners of 3 MCDs (Municipal Corporation Delhi), Vice President of DDA (Delhi Development Authority), and the Secretary of Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change. As as result of no-show, the meeting was called off.

Gautam Gambhir, BJP MP from East Delhi had also missed the meeting as he was in Indore for the 1st test match between India and Bangladesh.

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As Gambhir missed the meeting, AAP slammed the former cricketer as he choose enjoyment (attending the match and spending time with ex-teammates) over the important meeting when people living in Deli NCR are facing the problem of above severe air conditions.

Gambhir took to twitter to give a reply to AAP saying ‘My work will speak for itself! P.S. Agar mujhe gaali dene se Dilli ka pollution kam hoga to AAP jee bhar ke gaali dijiye’. He added the screenshot of a note of the work he’s done in the past 6 months and what he plans to do in the remainder of his tenure of 4.5 years.

On Firday, the Supreme Court has advised the Centre to plan a blueprint on installing air purifying towers in Delhi to fight the rising concern of Air Pollution. The apex court said ‘Even Delhi government’s affidavit says we have not conducted such study on the odd-even. It’s a halfway solution, either it’s full odd-even or no odd-even, there has to be no exemption. We don’t know whether it’s really working or not’.



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