Drive Launched By Delhi Government To Prepare People For Earthquake Situations

Kejriwal Government Will Prepare people To Deal With Earthquakes


  • Delhi Government stars campaign which will prepare people for Earthquakes
  • The campaign will also tell steps people need to take to reduce the damage to a minimum

In the past few months, the national capital has witnessed multiple minor earthquakes and now the Delhi Government, led by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has launched an awareness campaign which will tell people how they should react during the event of an earthquake or tremor.

The campaign will inform people about the steps that must be taken to deal with such a situation.

In a statement issued by the Chief Minister’s Office, it was said, “Considering the frequency of earthquakes in Delhi since April this year, the Delhi government has launched an awareness campaign on the steps to be taken by the people during and after an earthquake,”.

The campaign will work at making the schools, homes, offices along with other commercial, residential and institutional spaces fully prepared and efficient with dealing with the event of an earthquake.

Since April 2020, a total of 20 very mind tremors have been recorded in Delhi and the campaign of the AAP Party led Delhi Government will also help people be well-educated and well-prepared to take measures which will endure the damage and effects of earthquakes are minimised, said the statement.

Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal said, “The last few weeks have taught us the importance of awareness, preparation, and timely action. That is why your government is announcing a new campaign to prepare the people of Delhi for the unlikely event of an earthquake,”.

Kejriwal added, “My policy is simple: prepare today to save lives tomorrow. We have compiled useful information that will prepare homes, schools, and workplaces in Delhi, to react to an earthquake emergency with calm and efficiency. Together let us build a Delhi that is prepared to face any crisis,”.

The government also issued ‘Do’s and Dont’s’ to deal with the situation.



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