Dos And Don’ts Shared By SBI To Secure ATM Card And PIN Details

Dos And Don’ts Shared By SBI To Secure ATM Card And PIN Details


  • SBI Tweeted with tips for its customers which will help keep them keep their money safe
  • SBI issues dos and don’ts for its customers to keep ATM Card and PIN secure
  • SBI has recently launched a new facility for its Debit card users

The State Bank of India (SBI), India’s largest public sector lender, has issued some tips to its customers which will keep their money safe. The State Bank of India has recommended that its customers must conduct ATM transactions in utmost privacy to ensure they minimise the risk of any banking fraud.

SBI Tweeted, “Your ATM CARD & PIN are important. Here are some tips to keep your money – safe & secured.”

The band has also listed these Dos and Don’ts of the ATM transactions on its website as well.

Let us take a look at the Dos:

  1. Conduct your ATM transactions in complete privacy, never let anyone see you entering your Personal Identification Number ( ATM Password)
  2. After completion of transaction ensure that welcome screen is displayed on ATM screen
  3. Ensure your current mobile number is registered with the bank so that you can get alerts for all your transactions
  4. Beware of suspicious movements of people around the ATM or strangers trying to engage you in conversation
  5. Do check if the card given to you by the merchant after completion of the transaction is your card
  6. Look for extra devices attached to the ATMs that looks suspicious
  7. Inform the bank if the ATM / Debit card is lost or stolen, immediately, report if any unauthorised transaction
  8. Check the transaction alert SMSs and bank statements regularly
  9. If cash is not dispensed and ATM does not display “cash-out” please report to the Bank on the number mentioned in the Notice Board
  10. Immediately check your phone for SMS for the debit amount

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Let us take a look at the Don’ts:

  1. Do not write your PIN on the card, memorise your PIN
  2. Do not take help from strangers or handover your card to anyone for using it
  3. Do not disclose your PIN to anyone, including bank employees and family members
  4. Do not allow the card to go out of your sight when you are making a payment
  5. Avoid speaking on the mobile phone while you are transacting

If as an SBI customer you wish your transactions are safe and secure, you can make use of SBI facility of One Time Password (OTP)-based cash withdrawal for ₹ 10,000 and above across all the SBI ATMs all over India which the bank rolled out on 18th September 2020.

Not a long ago, SBI also launched a faculity wherein the debit card users’ chances of being frauded in ATMs which has already been on a rise.

The State Bank of India had alerted its customers to be very cautious and to ignore any SMS alerts regarding balance enquiries or mini-statements when the request was not initiated by them.

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