Delhi High Court Says Wear Mask Even While Driving Alone

Delhi High Court Says Wear Mask Even While Driving Alone


  • Delhi High Court has made it mandatory to wear a mask even while driving alone
  • HC said wearing a mask acts as a “suraksha kavach”
  • India is witnessing huge rise in COVID-19 cases

On Wednesday, the Delhi high Court said that it will be compulsory to wear a mask even if the person is driving alone in a private vehicle. The car, though private, will be considered as a “public place” rules the Delhi High Court.

The High Court said that wearing a mark will act like a “suraksha kavach” (safety armour), which would prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The Delhi HC said it will be mandatory for everyone irrespective of gender and age, in Delhi.

As the decision was announced while the hearing of a case involving fines for not wearing a mask while driving alone, Judge Pratibha M Singh said, “Even if you are alone in the car, why object to wearing a mask? It is for your own safety.”

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“When a car stops at a traffic signal, a driver often has to roll down their window. The coronavirus is so contagious that even in that time, anyone can be infected.

“This was the least anyone could do to be safe against Covid”.

The Delhi High Court said, “Scientists and international governments advise wearing of a mask. The challenge of the pandemic was enormous and the wearing of face masks is necessary whether a person is vaccinated or not”.

The Coronavirus, from your body as you sneeze  can reach the dashboard and other parts of the vehicle’s interior and can stay there for days.

The single judge bench of Justice Prathiba M Singh also dismissed all petitions which challenged the fines imposed on people who were not wearing masks while they were alone in their cars.

Earlier the Union Health Ministry had informed the Delhi High Court that there was no such rule that a lone driver had to wear a mask. However, every state was given the right to make amendments to the rules which they seem necessary and enforce them, the ministry had stated.

The Aam Aadmi Party government has argued in favour of masks for all in private or public vehicles and had also passed such an order in April 2020.

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