Coronavirus: India Getting Ready To Prevent And Tackle The Chinese Virus

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Coronavirus In India: The central government has recently set up special wards in the nation’s capital to treat the Coronavirus and prevent it from spreading. The wards constructed in the central govt. the hospital has been set up so that the infection does not get leaked in the environment, additionally, proper disposal of pieces of equipment that are used in treatment is also carried out. The patients will be kept in solitary until their coronavirus test results come back negative.

One of these special wards has been set up at the Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital to tackle the Chinese virus. On Monday, Sujit Singh, Director, National Center for Disease Control visited the Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital to review the preparations and the ward set up there for the prevention and treatment of the coronavirus.

Additionally, on the same day in Delhi, the Union Health Ministry held an important meeting pertaining to the issue of the outbreak of coronavirus and its potential effect in India. The meeting was attended by the Chief Secretaries and Director Generals of Police from 5 states – Sikkim, Bihar, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, and Uttarakhand. These officials attended the meeting virtually, via video conference. Apart from taking special precautions, the senior officials at the Health Ministry have asked the Chief Secretaries of these 5 states to set up solitary wards in hospitals in their respective states to contain the outbreak of coronavirus.

The officials have instructed them to contain the victims of the coronavirus and send their required samples to the Healy Ministry in their respective states. Those samples will then be send to the Health Ministry lab in Pune and will take 2 days to give the results.

In addition to this, the Director Generals of Police of these 4 states have been instructed that nobody coming from Nepal shall enter the country without going through proper screening.This high level meeting of the Health Ministry was also attended by many other top officials like Preeti Sudan, Ministry’s secretary, Ajay Bhalla, Secretary, Union Home Ministry, and many more. Even Bhalla attended the meeting via video conference.

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