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Are you always concerned about the quality of the skincare products you use? Are you always skeptical if the products you’re using are natural and organic? Well, millions of people like you are constantly on the lookout for organic and safe skincare brands. Leveraging this demand for organic products, we have come up with some of the best mamaearth products that promise to keep your skin healthy. 

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For those unfamiliar with the brand, Mamaearth is a promising Indian startup in the cosmetic industry. Ghazal Alagh and Varun Alagh founded this company in September 2016. The brand initially started as a baby-care label, but today this business has expanded into a full-fledged organic skincare brand. It has become widely popular for its natural, toxin-free products, such as lotions, body washes, shampoos, hand creams, and face masks for men, women, and infants. It comes with an American- Made safe Certification and has the first nontoxic seal for the products they manufacture.

ImageMamaearth ProductsStore
Mamaearth Bye Bye Blemishes Face CreamMamaearth Bye Bye Blemishes Face CreamBuy Here
Mamaearth Vitamin C Under Eye CreamMamaearth Vitamin C Under Eye CreamBuy Here
Mamaearth Vitamin C Sleeping MaskMamaearth Vitamin C Sleeping MaskBuy Here
Mamaearth Tea Tree Face Wash Tea Tree & NeemMamaearth Tea Tree Face Wash Tea Tree & NeemBuy Here
Onion Oil For Hair Fall Control With Redensyl Buy Here
Mamaearth Argan Hair Mask With Avocado Oil, and Milk ProteinBuy Here
Mamaearth C3 Face Mask With Charcoal, Coffee & Clay Mamaearth C3 Face Mask With Charcoal, Coffee & Clay Buy Here
Mamaearth Ubtan Face Mask With Saffron, Turmeric & Apricot OilMamaearth Ubtan Face Mask With Saffron, Turmeric & Apricot OilBuy Here
Mamaearth Coffee and Cocoa Face WashMamaearth Coffee and Cocoa Face WashBuy Here
Mamaearth Vitamin C SerumBuy Here

What Are The 10 Best Product Of Mamaearth To Buy In 2023?

Here are some of the Mamaearth best products that have amassed huge popularity in India among natural skincare lovers: 

1. Mamaearth Bye Bye Blemishes Face Cream:

Mamaearth Bye Bye Blemishes Face Cream-best mamaearth products

Mamaearths’ Bye Bye Blemishes Face Cream is the first on our list of mama earth’s best-selling products. This powerful yet effective cream is enriched with the natural goodness of Mulberry Extract, Daisy Flower Extract, and Vitamin C. Its unique and natural formulation prevents melanin synthesis and leaves your skin looking soft and youthful. 

The best features of Mamaearth Bye Bye Blemishes Face Cream are:

● It Works as a natural remedy for pigmented skin

● It’s’ made using a magical blend of organic skincare ingredients

● Works well for dry-skinned beauties

● Gives quick results

● Helps you get rid of acne marks and gives you clear skin.

This face cream reduces the skin’s pigmentation and blemishes by restricting melanin deposits that appear as dark spots, patches, and hyperpigmentation. Regular usage of this cream helps promote a natural, even skin tone. 

2. Mamaearth Vitamin C Under Eye Cream

Mamaearth Vitamin C Under Eye Cream-best products of mamaearth

Say goodbye to dark circles and under-eye puffiness with Mamaearth Vitamin C Under Eye Cream. As a brand, Mamaearth is constantly innovating its skincare products. It recently came up with a one-of-a-kind under eye Cream that comes with an in-built electric massager. This under-eye cream is made from natural ingredients like Vitamin C, Gotu Kola, and Niacinamide to depuff your under-eye area and improve blood circulation effectively. For better absorption of the ingredients, it is recommended to use this cream before bedtime. 

This under-eye cream claims to have no toxins and no harmful chemicals and is free from silicones, parabens, mineral oil & dyes.

Lets’ have a look at the best features of this product, which makes it one of Mamaearths’ best products:

● Reduces puffiness

● Brightens the under eye

● Moisturizes deeply

● Has an in-built electric massager

Don’t forget to read the detailed Mamaearth under eye cream review before purchasing it through the link below.

3. Mamaearth Vitamin C Sleeping Mask

Mamaearth Vitamin C Sleeping Mask-best products to buy from mamaearth

Our skin gets exposed to dirt, pollution, harmful UV rays, and harsh weather conditions daily. All these factors cause our skin to lose its radiance and show signs of premature aging. This is why our skin needs some extra attention during the night. Mamaearth Vitamin C Sleeping Mask is an overnight sleeping mask that replenishes the skin’s lost radiance and reduces signs of aging as it recharges the skin overnight. 

This Vitamin C Sleeping Mask by mama earth is just the magical potion you need to add to your night-time routine! The product claims to give you more radiant, hydrated, and youthful skin. The product is dermatologically tested by experts and is suitable for all skin types. It contains zero harmful chemicals, toxins, and parabens and is 100% safe.

The best features of this face mask are:

● It reduces signs of aging

● Bring back the lost radiance

● Brightens the skin

● Made with 100% natural ingredients

● Suits all skin types

4. Mamaearth Tea Tree Face Wash with Neem for Acne and Pimples

Mamaearth Tea Tree Face Wash-best mamaearth products

This facewash has a fantastic blend of ingredients that will help you eliminate acne and blemishes. Mamaearth Paraben-Free Tea Tree Face Wash for pimples is made of natural ingredients like neem and tea tree oil. It helps prevent acne by deep cleansing the impurities, fighting bacteria, and controlling excess oil secretion. Besides this, it does not strip the skin off its natural oils, which create a protective barrier.

Some of the features that make this face wash one of best products are:

● It removes excess oil from the skin

● Has antibacterial properties

● Control acne

● Made with 100% natural oils

● Suitable for all skin types

● Dermatologically tested and pH balanced

This face wash contains Aloe Vera, which is effective in reducing any redness or inflammation on the face. This product is dermatologically tested, and pH balanced and takes gentle care of your face, and makes it look healthy and glowing. It is safe as it contains no harmful chemicals like Sulfates, Phthalates, and artificial fragrances. Planning to buy this magical face wash? Check out the detailed Mamaearth tea tree face wash review.

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5. Onion Oil For Hair Fall Control With Redensyl 

Onion Oil For Hair Fall Control With Redensyl--best mamaearth products

The next product on the list of top 10 mama earth products is the Onion Oil for Hair Fall Control. This hair oil is lightweight, non-sticky, and comes with an amazing fragrance. 

One of the breakthrough ingredients in hair growth, Redensyl, helps unblock clogged hair follicles & also boosts new hair growth. The Onion hair oil is rich in Sulphur, Potassium & antioxidants, and it reduces hair fall & accelerates hair regrowth. Safe for colored & chemically treated hair, this onion oil is free from harmful chemicals & toxins such as Silicones, Parabens, Mineral Oil, and Dyes.

And because of Mamaearth’s no toxins and no harmful chemicals philosophy, the product is free from silicones, Parabens, mineral oil & dyes. Checkout the Mamaearth onion hair oil review for more.

Some other features of this product are: 

● It adds strength & shine to your hair

● Nourishes the scalp

● Is safe for chemically treated hair

● Is free from harmful chemicals

● Is made from all-natural ingredients

6. Mamaearth Argan Hair Mask With Avocado Oil and Milk Protein

Mamaearth Argan Hair Mask With Avocado Oil and Milk Protein-best mamaearth products

This Argan Hair Mask is a magical solution specially formulated to treat hair that is frizzy and damaged. It has natural ingredients such as argan oil that deeply condition the hair and make it frizz-free. One of the other prime ingredients is Avocado oil, which helps reduce hair fall by strengthening the roots, and milk protein that repairs hair tissues.

Some of its’ features that make it one of Mamaearths’ best-selling products are:

● It promotes a healthy scalp

● Helps repair damaged hair

● It is 100% paraben free

● Reduces hair fall

● Makes hair healthy

7. Mamaearth C3 Face Mask With Charcoal, Coffee & Clay

Mamaearth C3 Face Mask With Charcoal, Coffee & Clay-best mamaearth products

This Mamaearth face mask helps pull out those stubborn black/whiteheads from the face that have been stuck forever in the pores. This face mask comes with activated charcoal that helps you eliminate any excess oil and coffee that helps in exfoliation. The Kaolin clay present in this face mask works like magic on acne, and the bentonite clay treats scars on the face. A combination of all these ingredients helps remove any dead skin cells from the skin. This face mask has been dermatologically tested and is free of sulfates, paraben, and silicones.

Some of its best features are:

● It deeply cleanses the skin

● Gives a tightening effect

● Gives a soothing & cooling effect

● Fragrance-free

● 100% Parabens free

● Convenient to use

8. Mamaearth Ubtan Face Mask With Saffron, Turmeric & Apricot Oil

8. Mamaearth Ubtan Face Mask With Saffron, Turmeric & Apricot Oil-best mamaearth products

Ubtans are natural cleansers that have been used for centuries in India to achieve clear and radiant skin. The Mamaearth Ubtan Face Mask with Saffron, Turmeric & Apricot Oil rejuvenates the skin and gives you that wonderful bright, and flawless glow.

The Turmeric and Saffron present in this ubtan, give your skin a natural glow and helps in removing suntan. The antioxidant properties in this Face Pack protect the skin cells from any damage caused by free radicals present in the environment.

What makes it one of the best Mamaearth products is the presence of Apricot Oil and Cucumber that helps exfoliate, soothe, and reduces tan to give you that glowing look that ubtans are supposed to provide! It is suitable for all skin types and free from harmful chemicals.

Some of its’ features are:

● Suitable for all skin types 

● Soothes the skin

● Visibly reduces signs of aging

● Rejuvenates skin for a bright look

● Helps in retaining skin’s natural moisture balance

● 100% natural & toxin-free 

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9. Mamaearth Coffee and Cocoa Face Wash

Mamaearth Coffee and Cocoa Face Wash-best mamaearth products

The next product on our list is Mamaearth Coffee and Cocoa Face Wash. It is packed with powerful ingredients that are rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. What makes this product appealing is the yummylicious combination of coffee and cocoa that gives your skin a radiant boost and smells heavenly when applied on the skin. 

The best features of this product are:

● It tightens pores

● Reverses damage caused by exposure to the sun

● Stimulates the blood flow to your skin

● Gives you healthy and even-toned skin 

Additionally, the inclusion of coffee increases collagen production in the skin, which gives it a youthful appearance. Cocoa, on the other hand, softens the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and scars.

10. Mamaearth Vitamin C Serum

Mamaearth Vitamin C Serum-best mamaearth products

The next product on this list is the Vitamin C Essence Serum. It is infused with the natural goodness of Vitamin C and Gotu Kola, and this magical serum gives your skin a natural and long-lasting glow. Thanks to Vitamin C and Niacinamide, the serum has powerful skin-illuminating properties, which reduce pigmentation and promotes even-toned skin. 

 Some of its’ best features are:

● Non-greasy formula

● Boosts collagen production

● Reduces hyperpigmentation

● Minimizes wrinkles & fine lines

● Brightens the skin

This Vitamin C serum suits all skin types, helps skin retain moisture, and at the same time fights the damage caused by free radicals present in the atmosphere. Also, the serum has no silicones, parabens, mineral oil, and dyes, making it one of the best product of Mamaearth.


We all have heard “dadi nani ke nuske” for healthy glowing skin and thick long hair. But given our hectic lifestyles, we rarely resort to homemade face packs and hair masks. So, what’s better than having a homegrown brand that packs these “nuskas” in a bottle and delivers it to your doorstep? 

Mamaearth believes in nurturing the skin with the goodness of nature. At every step, they work with skin care experts to bring their customers the best skin and hair care products so they can treat their skin issues with the finest natural ingredients. Our list of the 10 best Mamaearth Products includes some tried and tested products that have received amazing customer reviews over the internet. Mama earth also has a range of products that new mothers and their babies can use. All these features make Mamaearth one of the most popular and successful Indian start-ups in the cosmetic industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the best Mama Earth product?

Mamaearth Bye Blemishes Face Cream is the best Mamaearth product as it effectively reduces blemishes, dark spots, and acne marks with the help of natural ingredients and is 100% paraben free.

2. Which Mamaearth product is the best for dry skin?

Mamaearth’s Ubtan Face Wash is the best face wash for dry and dehydrated skin as it helps bring back hydration to the skin and uses natural and toxin-free ingredients.

3. Can new moms use Mamaearth products?

Yes, absolutely. Mamaearth products are made using 100% safe, gentle, and toxin-free ingredients. Hence, it is completely safe for new moms.

4. Which face serum of Mamaearth is the best?

Mamaeraths’ Vitamin C serum is the best face serum from the brand, and this serum is known for reducing skin pigmentation and promoting even-toned skin. It also promotes skin moisturization and boosts collagen production, which keeps the skin radiant and healthy and is perfect for daily use.

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