Bengaluru Ranks 1st On Worst Traffic In The World, 3 More Indian Cities Makes Top 10

4 Indian Cities In Top 10 List Of Worst Traffic Bengaluru Takes 1st Rank

In the list of cities with the worst traffic condition in the World, India appears 4 times in Top 10 itself, where no other country repeats itself. Bengaluru (Bangalore) has the worst traffic in the world and Delhi, Mumbai, and Pune all make the top 10 list.

As the vehicle density increases, the area becomes relatively smaller to accommodate everyone and as a result, the traffic is getting worse year on year all across the globe. Even though the number of cars sold in India is less than that sold in China or the United States of America, Indians are the worst affected by traffic problems.

TomTom, a Dutch location technology developer released its Traffic Index for the year 2019 wherein it covers 416 cities across 57 countries in 6 continents.


Let us check the top 10 cities which are facing the worst traffic in the World:

World Rank City County Congestion Level
1 Bengaluru India 71%
2 Manila Philippines 71%
3 Bogota Colombia 68%
4 Mumbai India 65%
5 Pune India 59%
6 Moscor Region (oblast) Russia 59%
7 Lima Peru 57%
8 New Delhi India 56%
9 Istanbul Turkey 55%
10 Jakarta Indonesia 53%

India’s IT Hub, Bengaluru, is the worst hit by the traffic, and not just in India, but in all of the World, with traffic congestion levels of 71%. According to the Traffic Index by TomTom, the city saw its worst traffic on the 20th of August with the congestion level reaching 103%, however, even its least congestion level was 30% on the 6th of April. The data reveals that on average, travellers in Bengaluru spend 243 hours (10 days and 3 hours) in traffic in a year.

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The reports also say that Bangalore is worst hit by traffic on Fridays between 7:00 PM and 8:00 PM, and advice that if a person travels after 8:00 PM, he/ she can save up to 5 hours of traveling in a year (on a 30-minute commute).

At number 2, is the Philippines’ city, Manila, with traffic congestion at 71%, and if we talk about the top 5 most traffic hit cities in the world in 2019, India can see 3 cities, with Mumbai and Pune at 4th and 5th position with congestion levels at 65% and 59% respectively. Bogota Columbia sits in 3rd position with 68% congestion levels.

India’s capital, Delhi sits at 8th place with 56%.

Interestingly, out of the 4 Indian cities in the list, Delhi has the most number of cars, probably the reason of less traffic in comparison to other 3 cities are the road conditions, as per previous studies, Delhi has the best road condition out of the 4 Indian cities in top 10.

Talking about Delhi, the worst congestion on its roads was seen on the 23rd of October, and on an average, a Delhite loses 190 hours of its time in traffic. For Mumbai, the worst day was the 9th of September, and on average a Mumbaikar loses 209 hours in traffic.

Pune’s worst traffic day was recorded on the 2nd August, and on an average, a person there loses 193 hours in traffic every year.

If you are wondering what the percentage in congestion levels mean, a 103% congestion level seen on the 20th August in Bengaluru means that it took people 103% more time to travel the same distance than what it would have taken in normal or uncongested conditions.

The Dutch mapping and navigation technology giant, TomTom, calculates the baseline for every city by analysing the free flow travel time for any and all vehicles on the entire road network of the city 24X7 and 365 days a year. The report published by TomTom not only ranks cities by the average time a commuter spends stuck in traffic but also give details on when the traffic is the worst and the best.

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