Banks On Strike From Next Week, Banking Services And ATMs Likely To Get Affected

Bank On Strike From Next Week In Protest Against Central Government

The bank unions have decided that they will join the All-India strike called by the Central Trade Unions next week in protest against the policies laid down by the Central Government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The bank unions such as Bank Employees Federation of India (BEFI), and All India Bank Employees’ Association (AIBEA) have asked their respective members to not go to work on the 8th of January 2020.

Normal banking services at the branches and the ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) are more likely to get affected due to the strike by the bank employees.

However, online banking services like RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement), NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer), and IMPS (Immediate Payment Service) will not be affected, and now work 24X7.

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Soumya Datta, General Secretary, All India Bank Officers’ Confederation (AIBOC) has directed the members to neither demand nor accept any keys or undertake duties on the day of the strike.The bank employees’ unions have called in for the strike owing to bank reforms, mergers, and hike in the salary of employees.


In a strike notice that was signed by various Bank Unions read “Our legitimate demand of wage revision for bank employees and officers is being unduly delayed. Employees recruited after April, 2010 are deprived of defined pension benefit.”

The notice also read “our genuine demands like 5 Day Banking, etc. are being ignored by the Government. Employees and officers are suffering from heavy workload and adequate recruitment is not being made in banks”.

The strike is also supported by unions like Indian National Bank Employees Federation (INBEF), All India Bank Officers Association (AIBOA), and Indian National Bank Officers Congress (INBOC).

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  1. maanaav

    This country will never improve until we bring in accountable in this country and that should apply to every person politicians industrialist law makers and breakers, every common person no color, caste, religion to be considered. Make free from all these,bring holidays list to normal of 7-10 a year. working hours 9.30 to 6.00 pm bring in more employees, show the doors who are interested in gossiping, pass time just by putting attendance and not available on the seat. Heavy punishment take away 25% of their earning and saving those who put poison to others who are really willing to work.Specify 15 minutes for break in morning and evening but not all at a time.
    The law should apply to all government, semi government, big organisation and the smallest private shopkeepers etc.

    If this is implement the country can be saved not thinking of improving is very bleak but we can stop from breaking on long run. It is true not a story No one on this earth today can stop the worst is happenings.bring asset to limited excess to be taken and used for the needed. If any one does this then we are in god’s land or hell is already every one in life is seeing and suffering weather he is rich or poor. Money never give happiness in life it takes us to be more greedy and wrong doing etc.

    My humble request to every human being lets join hands make the earth neat and clean the evil strike , holidays , pass time, etc will never take any one to any aim or destinations.

    Lets give employments to every one so that there is no one on street wasting time and their life age.
    There are unlimited opening if Government and private people thing in wise manner.

    This is my view for good of every one but still you feel or disagree Then even god cannot change. I am sure all 100% will not agree the view but some will and they should join hands to make it good and great for coming generation.

    May god bless you all take it positive.
    with love and best wishes.

  2. A.V.Kumar

    That is why i suggested to PMO to shuffle all management and staff at nationalised banks and RBI present management and staff transfrred to other banks and nominate young blood talents from banks to RBI for good order and governace. Present RBI staff is mostly left leanings and management stagnated during 60 years dynasty rule.

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