Ayush Ministry Stops Advertisements Of Patanjali’s COVID-19 Drug

Ayush Ministry Stops Advertisements Of Patanjali’s COVID-19 Drug


  • COVID-19 drug launched by Patanjali claiming 100% positive results
  • Ayush Ministry said Patanjali has done a “good thing” but need some process to be followed

The government asked Ramdev’s Patanjali to stop the advertisements of its COVID-19 medicine which it launched yesterday until they are further examined. Today, Union Minister Shripad Naik said that even though it is a “good thing” that Baba Ramdev has given India a medicine to fight Coronavirus but it needs proper permission from the Ayush Ministry. Naik said that it was only yesterday that Patanjali submitted the documents to the ministry for the COVID-19 medicine.

Shripad Naik said, “It is a good thing that Baba Ramdev has given a new medicine to the country but as per rules, it has to come to the Ayush Ministry first. They even said that they have sent a report. We’ll look into it and permission will be given after seeing the report,”.

The Union Minister asserted, “Anyone can make medicines. Anyone who wants to make medicines has to go through the Ayush ministry task force. Everyone has to send details of the research to the Ayush ministry for confirmation. This is the rule and no can advertise their products without it,”.

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Yesterday, Patanjali launched the medicines which showed 100% positive results in fighting COVID-19. And hours after Patanjali’s COVID-19 medicine launch the ministry asked for details of the so-called COVID-19 cure kit and the trails the company is claiming to have conducted.

The medicines, “Coronil and Swasari” come in a Corona kit which has been priced at Rs. 545 and is scheduled to be available to be purchased within a week in the country.

The Ministry of Ayush has asked Patanjali to provide details including the composition of the medicines, the hospitals where the research was conducted, the results of the research, if the company had the clearance for the Institutional Ethics Committee and whether the company was registered for the clinical trials.

At a time when the majority of the world and scientists are chasing for a possible vaccine for the novel Coronavirus, there has been no evidence of any alternate cure for the virus.

Ramdev said, “With the help of NIMS, Jaipur we conducted the clinical control study on 95 patients. The biggest thing which came out of this is that within three days 69 per cent patients recovered and became negative from positive (cases) and within seven days 100 per cent of them became negative,”.

Ramdev claims that the medicine from Patanjali has shown “100% positive results” in the clinical trials on 280 patients from all across the country. Patanjali collaborated with the privately-owned National Institute of Medical Sciences or NIMS University, Jaipur.


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