As JNU students protest over fee hike, Taxpayers support them via Twitter

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Yesterday evening protest by JNU students over fee hike took a violent turn as students clashed with police personnel, following this Twitter is flooded with #TaxPayersWithJNU, as people come in support of the students.

#TaxPayersWithJNU has already become one of the top trending hashtags on Twitter, in less than 24 hours. Kavita Krishnan, member of Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation, who is also the former joint secretary of the JNU Students’ Union came in support of the trending hashtag and even tweeted on her saying ‘Shout out to the trend #TaxPayersWithJNU Follow it, amplify it. This is a struggle, not for some island called JNU, but to ensure that University education is a right for all, not a privilege for the rich’.

Bhaskar Sharma who is the Social Media Coordinator for AAP not only expressed his support but also share list of alumni of JNU who represents India, he said ‘I am a tax payer and I want more for the country from the Jawaharlal Nehru University, more like the nobel laureate alumnus Abhijit Banerjee…. #TaxPayersWithJNU…… #EmergencyinJNU’.

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Students of JNU who were protesting had a tiff with the police personnel on Monday evening as they were not allowed to march to the Parliament. Additionally, outside Safdarjung Tomb JNU students clashed with police on allegation of baton charging, however senior officers dismissed these allegations.

At both instances, the people of Delhi faced huge problems, the traffic came to a standstill, 4 metro stations were affected as well, it was directed to metro rail drivers to not stop the train at Patel Chowk, and Udyog Bhawan, and additionally gates of these two along with Central Secretariat metro station were closed because of this clash.

As the administration raised the fees, JNU students were unhappy and protested against it. They are asking to roll back the fee hike.

Even after the university administration made some changes in the fee hike, students are not satisfied and want complete roll back.

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The fee structure is:

Particulars Initial Charges (Rs.) Proposed Charges (Rs.) Revised Charges following protest (Rs.)
Mess Bill Same as actual Same as actual Same as actual
Establishment Charges 1,100 per semester 1,100 per semester 1,100 semester
Crockery Charges 250 per year 250 per year 250 per year
Newspaper 50 per year 50 per year 50 per year
Single occupancy- Room Rent 20 per month 600 per month 300 per moth
Double occupancy- Room Rent 10 per month 300 per month 150 per month
Utility Charges 0 As per usage 50% of usage
Service Charges 0 As per usage 50% of usage
Mess Security 5,500 12,000 5,500

Initially the administration said that all the students will have to abide by the proposed fees, however after the protest, they made revisions, according to which, students who are BPL (Below Poverty Line) and did not avail any scholarship will have to follow revised fees, for the other, updated fees will be applicable.

Clearly this is not acceptable by the student, and we understand, as it may seem like a small amount to us, for some this is a huge amount and administration should not have increased the fees so drastically in such a haste.

Many other people came out in support of JNU students on twitter:

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