Jamie Lee Curtis And Arnold Schwarzenegger Reunite 28 Years After ‘True Lies’

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  • Nearly 30 years after their legendary on-screen pairing, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis are back again.
  • At Curtis’ hand-and-footprint ceremony that was organised at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, they ran into one other again, shared a pleasant kiss, and celebrated Curtis’ success.
  • In his prolific career, he claimed that Curtis is the “most extraordinary actress” he has ever worked with, and she is a serious player who can kick some serious ass.

According to People, Arnold Schwarzenegger reportedly attended Jamie Lee Curtis’ hand-and-footprint ceremony and gushed about her exceptional acting abilities. In his congratulatory speech, he mentioned how, despite being the female lead in the movie True Lies, she was seen just as a supporting actor.

James Cameron wrote and directed the film, which starred Jamie Lee Curtis and Arnold Schwarzenegger as the principal actors in the roles of Harry Tasker and Helen Tasker, respectively. The movie was based on the life of an American government agent who strived to manage his work as a spy and family man. The 1991 French comedy La Totale served as the inspiration for the film. 

At the occasion, Schwarzenegger, who portrayed secret spy Harry Tasker in the 1994 movie, said,” “When you go online, and you check out Jamie Lee Curtis, you can see all the wonderful things they’re saying about her. But there’s always one thing that pisses me off, and that is when they say that she is a supporting actress in the movie True Lies.”

He added that she was not a supporting actor; rather, she was the female lead, A star who was featured opposite him. In his long career, he stated that Curtis is the “most exceptional actress” he has ever worked with and that she is a serious player who can kick some serious ass.

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After the ceremony, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Curtis spoke about the award’s significance for her and how it made her feel when her old co-stars publicly praised her. She claimed that she and Schwarzenegger might collaborate on another movie. “It made me want to do another one with him. I walked up to him, and I was like, ‘Dude, why aren’t we doing another movie,'” Curtis said. “I’m gonna call Jim today.”

Fans adored Jamie Lee Curtis and Arnold Schwarzenegger for their outstanding performances in True Lies. And now that the pair have recently reunited after almost 30 years apart, their fans have a lot to talk about!

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