An Indian Start-up is paying people Rs. 1 Lakh to sleep for 9 Hours.

Wakefit offers Rs. 1 Lakh to interns.

We all have dreamed of people paying us for sleeping, maybe God has listened to us. An Indian start-up is now paying people Rs. 1 Lakh just to sleep nine hours that too in your own home. You think we are joking? Wakefit is willing to pay its interns or as they call them ‘Sleepintern’ Rs. 1 Lakh. Wakefit, a sleep solution company, has announced an internship programme which is called ‘Wakefit Sleep Internship’ in which selected interns will have to sleep for 9 hours at night for 100 nights.

Wakefit wrote on its website ‘Think you can avoid binging on your favourite shows every night and just sleep for 9 hours instead? Then you could be the ideal candidate we are looking for’ as they invite people to take part in the internship.

In job description they say ‘Just Sleep’. Candidates should have the ability to sleep within 10-20 minutes of hitting the bed and also possess ‘innate ability to fall asleep at the slightest given opportunity’.

Well who does not want to get paid for sleeping?

The only qualification the interns need to have is the ability to resist binge-watching the shows during night, and ‘the ability to blissfully ignore phone notifications at night’.

According to a leading news portal, Wakefit wants to monitor the sleeping pattern of people, who will be sleeping on the mattresses provided by the Company. The chosen ones will be provided with a sleep tracker which will monitor their sleep before and after using the company’s mattress. In addition, the interns will be offered counselling sessions.

Candidates that will be selected for this internship will get a stipend of whopping Rs. 1 lakh once the data has been shared with Wakefit.



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