After Onions, Tomatoes’ prices rise to Rs. 80/kg in Delhi

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Not long ago, people in the nation’s capital saw Onion’s prices shoot up, now Tomatoes have reached a retail price of Rs. 80/kg on Wednesday as a direct effect caused by heavy rains in states like Telangana and Karnataka.

Delhi has seen a slight drop in Onion’s prices compared to past weeks, but the prices are still around Rs. 60/kg. Traders blame the supply of tomatoes as the chief reason behind rising prices of Tomatoes.

On Wednesday, Safal outlets (Owned by Mother Dairy) were selling Tomatoes at Rs. 58/kg, however, local vendors were seen charging between Rs. 60/kg – Rs. 80/kg depending upon the locality and quality.

According to the data shared by the Central Government, since October 1st, Delhi, on average, has seen an increase of Rs. 9/kg in tomato prices leading to Rs. 54/kg.  As per a wholesale trader in the Azadpur Mandi, ‘Tomato prices have increased sharply in the last few days as the supply has been affected because of floods and heavy rains in the key growing states’.

He added by saying, some hilly areas and couple of southern states like Telangana and Karnataka have observed heavier than usual rains in the past couple of days which led to crop damage and hence the disruption in supply of tomatoes.

Data from Central Government shows a similar picture in other urban cities of India, in Kolkata Tomatoes were selling for as high as Rs. 60/kg, Rs. 40/kg in Chennai, and Rs. 54/kg in Mumba ion Wednesday.

For now, Central Government is offloading its buffer stock with the help of cooperatives like Nafed, Mother Dairy, and NCCF who are selling onions for Rs. 24/kg, however the price in retail market is still high at firm Rs. 60/kg. Out of 56,700 tons of onions that was with the Central Government 18,000 tons have already been distributed in several markets through these cooperatives.

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