Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi Says, “Mark my words. Govt will be forced to take back farm laws”

Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi Says, “Mark my words. Govt will be forced to take back farm laws”


  • Rahul Gandhi hit out at Modi-led central government over Farmer Laws
  • Rahul Gandhi said PM Narendra Modi is suppressing farmers and helping the handful of businesses

On Thursday, senior Congress leader, Rahul Gandhi, hit out the Modi-led central government over the contentious farm laws and even alleged that the Centre was “conspiring to destroy” the ryots and assured that the Congress party will stand with them.

Speaking to reporters, the Lok Sabha Member of Parliament also accused the BJP-led NDA government at the Centre of trying to benefit “two or three of their friends” on the matter.

Responding to the query, he said, “The government is not just neglecting them (farmers), the government is conspiring to destroy them. There is a difference. Neglecting is ignoring…they are not ignoring them”.

He alleged, “They are trying to destroy them, because they want to benefit two or three of their friends. They want to give what belongs to the farmer to two or three of their friends.

Farmers, majorly from Haryana and Punjab have been protesting against the nEw Farmer Laws at Delhi borders and are demanding their retraction.

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Rahul Gandhi also said, “Mark my words..these laws– the government will be forced to take them back,” and added that he is “proud” of what the India farmers were doing (protesting against the laws).

He said, “You are suppressing the farmers, helping (a) handful of businesses.

He extended the support of his party to the farmers and said these laws will be retracted.

Charging Prime Minister Modi, with “not supporting” the common man during the time when the country is going through the coronavirus pandemic, Gandhi asked, “whose Prime Minister are you?”

He continued, “Are you the Prime Minister of the people of India or the Prime Minister of two-three selected businessmen?”.

Rahul Gandhi seeks the answer as to why PM Modi was “silent” on the months long Sino-India standoff, and asked “why are the Chinese people sitting inside Indian territory?”

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