Twitter’s India Head Steps Down To Join Hands With Ex-Microsoft Engineer To Join Education Venture

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Kumkum Pattnaik
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  • Twitter India Head Manish Maheshwari resigns company as he walks into an ed-tech venture
  • Maheshwari joins hands with Tanay Pratab, ex-Microsoft Senior Software Engineer to start an education platform called Metaversity
  • Metaveristy would be aimed at imparting quality and immersive learning experiences to individuals all across the world at affordable prices.

Former Twitter India Head, Manish Maheshwari announced his resignation from the microblogging site to join hands with an ed-tech venture. Maheshwari stepped down just months after his transfer to the US in August, a time when Twitter was enveloped in controversies related to Congress and adherence to new IT rules.

Manish issued a lengthy statement communicating that he is partnering with Tanay Pratab, former Senior Software Engineer with Microsoft. The ex-Twitter India Head said that he along with his partner will start providing employability to training through a virtually engaging platform, which would be named #Metaversity.

Maheshwari highlighted the fact that the Covid-19 pandemic has categorically altered the skills that are necessary to gain success in the newly shaped economy and how such skills are transmitted to individuals. He underscored the role Metaverse can play in attaining the same.

Maheshwari mentions that education is very close to his heart reminiscing about being a teacher since high school while being brought up in an Indian middle-class household. He recalled working as a teaching assistant in order to support his education at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. The opportunity at hand, he remarked, gave him a chance to dive deep into his roots.

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Maheshwari emphasized the significance of Metaversity for Women in emerging markets as it equalizes the playing field. The vision that the ed-tech venture envisages is a premium quality, socially immersive learning experience for every individual delivered globally at an affordable price. Maheshwari sought public support while building the team and acquiring funds to implement the vision that Metaversity upholds.

Ahead of joining Twitter, Manish was the Chief Executive Officer of Network18 Digital and has been formerly employed with Flipkart, P&G among many others.

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