Dolly Parton’s Rarely Spotted Husband & Her 23-Year-Old Nashville Home


Dolly lives there with her husband, Carl Dean, and although she paid a fair price for it, the house has plenty of opulent luxuries.

Dolly Parton and Carl Dean have been married since 1966, but their public appearances have been infrequent, and we don't know much about their more than 50-year union.

Her kitchen is outfitted with contemporary appliances and has a lot of pink accents from her cooking utensils and her white cabinets, which are still present today.

Dolly has a dedicated music area with a black piano in it. It has ruched floral blinds, green carpets with patterns, and cream-coloured walls.

A white leather armchair and a small, mirrored side table with a bubble lamp and a butterfly ornament may be found in Dolly's living room.

A video taken in the space from a different angle revealed that the area also has a floral burgundy rug and a brown sofa with burgundy and brown patterned cushions.

The stair bannister in Dolly's hallway is made of wood and is painted a pale yellow.

She has also installed a glass candle lamp in the corner and a classic wooden side dresser on one side.