King Charles III succeeded his mother as king of England on Saturday after she passed away on Thursday.

In 1625, King Charles I took over as ruler of England and Scotland after his father James I. From 1660 until his passing in 1685, King Charles II ruled over both Great Britain and Ireland.

Charles, the longest-serving heir to the throne, was born on November 14, 1948, before he was formally proclaimed the King.

The new King, Charles III, has played a key part in building a town, the now-thriving community of Poundbury and he frequently visits his "model village" in Dorset.

He was the first heir to be granted a divorce back in 1996, when he split from Lady Diana Spencer after 11 years of marriage causing a media sensation.

King Charles enjoys gardening and farming. He is an independent farmer with a knack for gardening.

Charles is best-selling painter in the UK. Charles donates the money to the Prince of Wales' charitable organisation. Prices for his lithographs range from $3,600 to $21,000.

The first heir to the throne with a college degree was Charles. In 1967, he attended the University of Cambridge.

In an interview with British journalist Jonathan Dimbleby, Charles admitted having an extramarital affair while he was married to Princess Diana.