Diddy Made Claims Ma$e Owes Him $3 Million, Calls Him A Fake Pastor

Diddy, in a recent interview that was broadcast on Wednesday on The Breakfast Club, has addressed various accusations made against him.

Diddy dismissed the former Bad Boy Records musician's allegations that Puff takes advantage of his artists.

He alleged that Ma$e owed him $3 million for an album advance that was never completed, but Ma$e has denied the allegations.

Diddy further went on to call Ma$e a ‘fake’ pastor who cons people.

This allegation was made against Ma$e’s own claims wherein he stated that Diddy is the one who owes him money, not the other way around.

In The Breakfast Club interview, Diddy outright declared that he had receipts that support his assertions.

Diddy then further stated that if anyone else has receipts specifying him owing someone money, he will pay them within 24 hours.

Ma$e and Diddy’s feud was caught on by fans during the 2020 Grammy Awards; Diddy delivered a speech about lack of diversity in the music industry, which spurred Ma$e on.

Diddy, after prioritizing his record label, then concluded his interview by asserting that he is standing up for himself and will not be making allegations back and forth with Ma$e.