David Letterman confesses being anxious about appearing on "Late Night" as a guest

xploringindia, 09th aug 2022

NBC's 12:30 a.m. talk show was first hosted by Letterman, who later appeared for an interview on the program's anniversary in February.

Meyers said Letterman still checked in with him during commercial breaks while speaking at a Deadline event.

The amusing part about Letterman, according to Meyers, is that he reportedly said, "I hope that's all okay."

He went on to say that Letterman will always be a man of great humility, but the idea of telling him, "Yeah, you're doing terrific," was baffling. Don’t worry, David Letterman, you are on a talk show and you’re doing great,” he added.

Meyers and his staff were kept in check by Letterman's presence in the building. The hardest part of having David Letterman around, according to Meyers, is not constantly puffing on a cigarette.

For the first time since Meyers took over in 2014, "Late Night with Seth Meyers" has been nominated this year for the Outstanding Variety Talk Series.

The host attributes DVR and online replays with helping to reach Emmy voters and viewers since the 12:30 show is the only one nominated in the category.

According to Deadline, the programme is also nominated for directing, and its episode "Corrections" is nominated in the short form content category.