XploringIndia - 5th Aug, 2022

Ben Affleck And JLo Spent Only $75 For Their Wedding

Pastor Ryan Wolfe has also received considerable attention as a result of JLo's recent marriage to Ben Affleck, which has been the subject of numerous reports and responses to the ceremony itself.

“They paid $75 for the chapel, and then they took care of me at the end, gave me a tip. … I’ll tell you this, it was less than a few thousand,” said the pastor.

Although it's not the sole interview, contrary to what Producer Eddie initially thought, Wolfe appears to have only conducted this one over the radio.

We've seen other remarks from the real pastor, who works as a side job at the famous Las Vegas landmark when he's not occupied with his congregation.

Ryan Wolfe reiterated his previous assertion that he thinks Bennifer 2.0 will endure, during his discussion of the ceremony.

Affleck and Lopez reportedly arrived at The Little White Chapel just in time for holy matrimony while another couple was waiting in line.

If Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez ask you if you have time for one last wedding, you can know that something inside of you will undoubtedly respond "Yes." To take the scenario to the next level. That is, assuming you are able to spot them in time to act.