Birthday Girl Priyanka Chopra’s Fitness Secrets Unveiled!

XploringIndia, 18 Jul, 2022

The star has been inclined to signing movies that are physically demanding, both in Bollywood as well as Hollywood.

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The 38-year-old diva stuns fans with her ravishing red carpet appearances and stunt-heavy on-screen roles.

She says that it is necessary for her to stay super-active and agile since she performs her own stunts.

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Priyanka admits to refrain from dieting citing that she has a genetically good metabolism and can get away with eating as much as she wants to.

She resorts to yoga and low impact gym sessions.

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She is a fan of regular foods like chapati, vegetables, juices, salads and lots of fruits. She gives special attention to hydration and recommends 10 glasses of water everyday.

She follows her heart and doesn’t really stick to a definitive diet plan. She switched on the diet mode if she feels like she has put on a few pounds, otherwise she hogs on cheeseburgers and pizzas.

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She focuses on staying fit rather than shedding pounds. Priyanka does not describe her as a gym freak but prefers to stay well-toned and not shrink herself by two or three sizes.

She swears by treadmill sprints, spin classes, cardio and yoga to “relax and refresh”.

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Morning with a Nespresso are the perfect for Peecee and she loves cheese sandwhich and chilli pickle for snacks.

Priyanka believes in adopting a healthy lifestyle like walking more, taking stairs and parking cars farther than usual rather than excessive sweat sessions at the gym.